On November 3rd Peggy  represented NOCI at a public hearing of the Brandon and Area Planning District. A proposal to change the zoning of a parcel of land just outside the Brandon city limits from “agricultural” to “rural residential” was under discussion. The landowner wants to sub-divide and develop the land into 21 parcels. Although the subject land does not at present have small white lady’s-slippers (Cypripedium candidum) on it, the lands to the south and west are designated as Critical Habitat under the Recovery Plan developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada under the federal Species at Risk Act. NOCI is concerned that groundwater critical to this orchid may be impacted by the installation of potable water wells, septic fields and overland surface drainage. To read Peggy’s remarks at the public hearing please CLICK HERE.

Since the public hearing Peggy was informed that the issue has been referred to the Minister of Indigenous and Municipal Relations and that we could make further comments if desired. To read the letter Peggy submitted to the Minister please CLICK HERE.

NOCI will update this website once a decision has been shared by the Minister’s office.