Archive of Previous Field Trips

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2016 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday, May 28 Sandilands area – last of the early spring flowers like three-flowered avens, cowslip, marsh marigolds, sand cherry, and coltsfoot. Orchids – possibly coral-root, ram’shead and yellow lady’s-slipper. NEW

Saturday, June 4 Blueberry Rock Trail near Lac du Bonnet, Agassiz ski trails on Pit Road, marsh area – yellow lady’sslippers, moccasin flower and coral-root. NEW Saturday, June 18 Foresters’ Footsteps Trail and the goose sanctuary trail in central Whiteshell Provincial Park – moccasinflower, coral-root, lesser and checkered rattlesnake-orchids, and yellow lady’s-slippers.

Wednesday, June 22 Opening of the Brokenhead Wetlands Ecological Reserve boardwalk. Official opening at 10:00 am. Please see for further details and any changes. This is not a NOCI field trip, but guided tours will be provided during the day.

Saturday, July 9 Brokenhead Wetlands Interpretive Trail and the Libau Bog in the Mars Hill Wildlife Management Area – rein-orchids, white bog-orchids, green bog-orchids, grass pink, slender ladies’-tresses, rattlesnake-orchids. This later date highlights different orchids in Brokenhead than on June 22.

Saturday, July 16 Carrick-Badger and Woodridge Road area, then Buffalo Point in southeastern Manitoba – rattlesnakeorchids, fungi, Indian pipe and the rare purple fringed-orchid. Due to the distance, this is an all-day trip.

Saturday, August 20 Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – along the southern border of the park are late summer flowers like the wild pink onion, Western silvery aster, dotted blazing star, white and purple prairie clover, Indian bread root, giant hyssop, lead plant, bouncing bet and slender agalinis. NEW


2015 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday, May 30- Camp Morton Provincial Park: The park’s improved ski trail network north of Gimli includes ram’s-head lady’s slippers and other lady’s-slippers along with the historic camp buildings and lakeshore scenery.

Saturday, June 6 – Argyle and Grosse Isle: Along the Interlake Pioneer Trail (formerly the Prime Meridian Trail) are intact tracts of native prairie melding into the Interlake’s aspen parkland with more than 240 species of flowers, including small white lady‘s-slippers and prairie wildflowers.

Saturday, June 13 – Bittersweet Ski Trails: Coming via the east entrance, the trails overlook the Assiniboine Valley, pass “Archie’s Swamp”, and include the rare Bloodroot plant and bog orchids.

Saturday, June 27 – Brokenhead Wetlands– This fen/bog is home to 23 species of rare and uncommon plants, and 28 of Manitoba’s 37 native orchid species. Please check our website for news about the official opening of the Brokenhead Trail sometime this summer.

Saturday, July 4 – Tall Grass Prairie Preserve: The Agassiz trail of the TGPP is the only place in Canada to see the globally rare western prairie fringed-orchid, while other tracts of TGPP land include yellow lady’s-slippers, twayblade and ladies’-tresses.

Saturday, July 11 – Lewis Bog Ecological Reserve: The Manitoba government is proposing to expand this ecological reserve as it supports a diversity of habitat sites, including the only known remaining location of the very rare ragged fringed orchid, rose pogonia and three types of lady’s-slippers.

Saturday, August 29 – Stuartburn area of the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve: The largest intact blocks of tall grass prairie in Canada occur in the TGPP, including the late summer hooded ladies’-tresses and Great Plains ladies’-tresses orchids. Possible tour of the Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Centre. (This western area of the TGPP provides completely different plants throughout summer so it is not a repeat of the previous trip.)

2014 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday, May 31 – Birds Hill Provincial Park – Official commemoration of the memorial bench to Eugene Reimer, former NOCI board member, with a morning hike along the historic Pine Ridge Trail. Three-flowered avens and spring flowers. Dedication at 12:00 noon (at bench along South Drive). BBQ after at picnic shelter on North Drive.

Saturday, June 7 – Marble Ridge, Interlake Forest Centre – Eight species of native orchids including Large and Small yellow lady’s- slipper, Small round-leaved orchid, Showy lady’s-slipper, Long-bracted orchid, Striped coral root, Ram’s-head lady’s-slipper and Calypso in this special and rare alvar area.

Saturday, June 14 – Holland, Bruxelles and St. Alphonse area – Art gallery, Trappist monastery, villages on top of hills, historic churches, lake recreation area and flowers throughout the Tiger Hills area.

Saturday, June 21 – Amaranth and Alonsa area– Showy lady’s-slipper, Yellow lady’s-slipper and other rare species, including butterflies, rare Red-headed woodpecker nesting site and ancient aboriginal sundance site.

Saturday, June 28 – Brokenhead Wetlands – Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail. Yellow lady’s-slipper, Showy lady’s-slipper, pitcher plants, carnivorous sundew and other wetland plants in this coniferous bog.

Saturday, July 5 – Falcon Creek Trail and West Hawk Lake area– Includes a tour of the park and fish hatchery. Lichen, club moss, rare Hooker orchid, moccasin flower, large erratic, pillow basalt, glacial striations, chattermarks and other geological marvels.

2013 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday May 11- East Braintree – Wild Ginger, trailing Arbutus, and other spring flowers. The Boggy and Birch rivers, GWWD railway line and Shoal Lake aqueduct followed by a visit to the Midwinter Heritage Association Museum to learn more about the local history. We will also tour the Manitoba Forestry Trails near Hadashville to see the rare Bloodroot and Crocus and have our lunch near the Suspension Bridge over the Whitemouth River.

Saturday May 18 – Portage Sandhills – Oak, Aspen forest, mixed-grass prairie and the sand dunes themselves provide habitat for the early violets, pigmy flower and other spring flowers, which should be just coming into bloom there. We may spot wild turkeys, grouse and white-tailed deer as well.

Saturday June 8 – Bittersweet Ski Trails – NEW This area is along the edge of the Assiniboine Valley near Lavenham. We will see riverbottom forest and mixed grass and other spring flowers. We will conclude the hike with a visit with Ardyth and Don McMaster. Don is a local historian and painter. His Website . Don and Ardyth own over 400 acres and preserve this land as a recreational area. Their land is now a part of the 0.05% of the native prairie left in Manitoba.

Saturday June 15 – Mt. Nebo near Miami Manitoba – Hike a trail around the base of this hill on the Manitoba Escarpment. The unusual understory consists of spotted coralroot, long-bracted orchid, yellow lady’s-slippers growing around the creekbed. 80-million-year-old marine fossils are found in the bentonite deposits. A spectacular view of the surrounding farmland is available to those who climb the spiral path to the top of the hill. We may also see fragile prickly-pear cactus, trillium, spring parsley and violets. Lunch at the Miami town park.

Saturday June 22 – Brokenhead Wetlands – NEW Trail – We will be walking the first part of the Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail. Yellow lady’s-slipper, Showy lady’s-slipper, pitcher plants and other wetland plants in this coniferous bog.

Saturday August 24 – Roseau River – We will be walking on riparian trails along the Roseau River on the Jim and Marcella Towle property and on the Crow Wing Trail (Trans Canada Trail) at Roseau Rapids First Nation. Butterflies and fall flowers including gentians, Great Plains ladies-tresses, sunflowers, coneflower, false indigo, wild grapes, goldenrod, and asters including the rare Western Silvery Aster. Lunch will be at Roseau River Park.

2012 Field Trip Schedule

Sat April 14- Arden – Crocus Capital of the World possibly followed by hike along Whitemud River, view of Indian burial mound – this date may change depending when crocus bloom. The weather is especially weird this year. NEW

Sat May 26 – Bird’s Hill Prov. Park – walk on Pine Ridge trail with historic Kudlowich Homestead- spring flowers and 3 flowered avens NEW

Sat June 2 – Marchand/Woodridge area – Moccasin flowers and other orchids in very lush habitat, other spring flowers, coltsfoot, marigolds and rare New Jersey tea NEW

Sat June 9 – Pumpkin Creek Ski Trails – coralroots, yellow lady’s-slippers, old brickworks etc. NEW

Sat June 16 – Senkiw – Spectacular showy lady’s-slippers, suspension bridge trail, other flowers along Trans Canada Trail

Fri June 22 – Special Field Day at Libau with speakers, refreshments and walk on Brokenhead Trail- white cedar forest, wetlands, calcareous fen and bog, carnivorous plants, orchids other rare plants.

Sun June 24 – Camp Morton showys, yellows, other orchids on private property and a visit to historic Camp Morton Prov. Park NEW

2011 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday May 7 – East Braintree area-spring flowers, Jackpine Forest, early spring flowers, trailing arbutus, coltsfoot, marigolds, club mosses etc.

Saturday May 21 – Bird’s Hill- Aspen and Bur Oak Forests, 3 flowered avens, crocus, violets, pygmy flower etc.

Saturday May 28 – Hadashville Ski Trails- Lush, mixed riparian forest along the Whitemouth River, eastern bloodroot, crocus.

Saturday June 11 – Five Corners trail (Mt. Nebo area)- Deciduous forest, spotted coralroot etc. NEW! – This trip has been rescheduled please see last trip schedule entry.

Saturday June 18 – Woodridge Bog- Forested wetland with Cedar and Spruce, Ram’s head lady’s-slipper, many other orchids and rare plants live in this magical area.

Saturday June 25– Brokenhead Wetlands old trail- White cedar forest, wetlands, calcareous fen and bog, carnivorous plants, orchids other rare plants.

Saturday July 9 – Five Corners trail (Mt. Nebo area)- Deciduous forest, spotted coralroot, wild ginger , sessile bellwort and more . Rescheduled from June 11.

2010 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday May 22 – Portage Sandhills
Calling all psammophiles (sand-lovers) to join us on a trip to the amazing Portage Sandhills on the International Day of Biodiversity.  Aspen-oak forest, mixed-grass prairie, and the dunes themselves provide habitat for the early violets, pygmy flower, and other spring flowers, which should just be coming into bloom.  We may spot wild turkeys, grouse, and white-tailed deer as well.

Saturday June 5 – Hadashville Ski Trails
Come walk with us in the lush riparian forest along the ski trails in Hadashville.  See them in their summer dress with outstanding displays of bloodroot, wild ginger, ferns, and maybe an early coralroot or two.  NEW

Saturday June 12 – Mt.Nebo
This is a return trip to this wonderful hill at the base of the Manitoba Escarpment.  We may see fragile prickly-pear cactus, trillium, spring parsley, violets, and several species of native orchids including Long-bracted orchid.

Saturday, June26 – Brokenhead Wetlands
Calling on all our new members who haven’t yet experienced this magical wetland.  Walk through the rare calcareous fen and ethereal cedar forest.  Learn about rare species that make this wetland their home.

Saturday July 10 – Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve
See the spectacular and endangered Western Prairie Fringed-Orchid.  Manitoba has the largest population of these orchids in the world.  This tall elegant orchid with its multiple shining white fringed blossoms is an unforgettable sight on the prairie and a photographer’s dream.  Many other beautiful tall-grass prairies flowers will be in bloom at the same time so don’t miss it.  NEW

Saturday, July 17 – Wildflower Festival at Senkiw
Celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010 by joining us for a midsummer hike in the Senkiw area with its many varied habitats: prairie, meadow, and riparian.  The area is known for its biodiversity and a huge number of wildflowers thrive here.  The nature-walk on the Towle property including a section of the Trans-Canada Trail will be followed by a FREE lunch in the historic community hall.  After lunch, tour its beautiful Ukrainian Orthodox church.

2009 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday, May 16 Steep Rock – limestone cliffs and underwater caves created by Lake Manitoba. Unusual plant and animal communities and spectacular scenery. Crocus, plains cymopterus, sand bladderpod.

Saturday, May 23 Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – glacial history revealed by the gravel ridges (glacial eskers), erratics (large rocks), and old beach ridges of glacial Lake Agassiz. The resulting open prairies and forests contain an interesting mixture of plant communities – three-flowered avens, prairie buttercup, violets, fruit trees and shrubs. (New)

Saturday, June 13 Mt Nebo – hill at the base of the Manitoba Escarpment. On the top of the hill: fragile prickly pear cactus, white onion, shining arnica. In the oak and birch forest lower down, the unusual understorey includes nodding trillium, spotted coralroot, columbine, yellow lady’s-slipper, downy yellow violets. (New)

Saturday, June 20 Woodridge – Cedar Bog contains many rare plants including orchids such as showy lady’s-slippers and small round-leaved orchid, bluets, paintbrush.

Saturday, June 27 Brokenhead Wetlands – cedar swamp and rare calcareous fen – rare plants include many orchid species and carnivorous plants.

Saturday, July 04 Portage Sandhills Wildlife Management Area – south of Portage la Prairie – plant communities include species peculiar to sandhill complexes: pink-flowered onion, prickly-pear cactus, Nuttall’s violet, Indian paintbrush, and more. (New)

2008 Field Trip Schedule

Sat May 3 – Hadashville, East Braintree – crocus, eastern bloodroot, trailing arbutus and other spring flowers.  Manitoba Forestry Association open-house at Hadashville that day.  Have lunch on the banks of the Whitemouth River near their picturesque suspension bridge.

Sat May 17 – Steep Rock – crocuses, limestone cliffs and underwater caves on Lake Manitoba.  Some of the most spectacular scenery this side of Greece!

Sat May 31 – Mike James property north of Grand Beach – co-sponsored by Woodlot Association of Manitoba – theme: woodlands, wetlands, wildflowers – NOCI-interpreted walk on woodlot trails, displays, entertainment, food, and networking.

Sat June 7 – Belair Provincial Forest – moccasin flowers, pipsissewa, wintergreen, butterflies, and birds – lunch and guided tour on trails and suspension bridge along Brokenhead River on the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation.

Sat June 14 – Mt.Nebo near Miami – hike a trail around the base of this hill on the Manitoba Escarpment.  Under huge basswood, oak, and birch trees, the unusual understory consists of wild grape, spotted coralroot, and yellow lady’s-slippers growing around the creek bed.  80-million-year-old marine fossils are found in the bentonite deposits.  A spectacular view of the surrounding farmland is available to those who wish to climb up the spiral path to the top of the hill.

Sat June 21 – Carrick, Woodridge bog – Carrick Wildflower Festival – co-sponsored by Carrick Community Club – NOCI-interpreted fieldtrip to see many other kinds of native orchids and wildflowers in Woodridge bog.  Lunch in Carrick at 100-year-old school.  Presentations on local history, native orchids, summer solstice.  Tour of oriental garden by members Keith Seidel and Aileen Huss includes 2 labyrinths.

Sat June 28 – Brokenhead Wetlands – rare cedar forest and rich fen – late orchids and carnivorous plants.  One of the most spectacular wetlands in Manitoba.

Sat Aug 23 – Fall Flower Festival in Senkiw, Manitoba with CWT (Franklin section).  Walk on riparian trails along Roseau River on the Jim and Marcella Towle property and on the Crow Wing Trail on Roseau Rapids First Nation – butterflies and fall flowers including gentians, ladies-tresses orchids including the endangered Great Plains ladies-tresses, sunflowers, coneflower, false indigo, wild vines, many kinds of goldenrod, Joe Pye weed, and asters including the rare Western Silvery Aster.  Lunch outdoors in Roseau River Park.

2007 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday, May 5 – Old Dawson Road, East Braintree, and Hadashville.  We expect to see spring flowers in the pine forests and in a riparian area along the Whitemouth River.  These will include crocus, coltsfoot, and marigolds, as well as the rare eastern bloodroot along the Whitemouth River, and trailing arbutus in the pines.  We will have lunch in the Manitoba Forestry Association’s Sandilands Forest Interpretive Centre near Hadashville and have time to view their graceful suspension bridge over the river and other attractions.  Come out and celebrate spring!

Saturday, June 9 – Cedar Bog near Woodridge – more than a dozen native orchid species can be found in this very special area including the rare Ram’s-head lady’s-slipper, Hooker’s orchid, and the exquisite Small round-leaved orchid. There are many other unusual plants in the immediate area including New Jersey tea (Ceanothus herbaceus).

Saturday, June 16 – The Brokenhead Wetland near Scanterbury – this rare wetland contains 28 species of native orchids including Dragon’s-mouth and Grass-pink as well as many other rare plants.  Sign up early because this is a favourite destination and we have to limit the number of participants to reduce damage to this fragile wetland.

Sunday, June 17 – SPECIAL EVENT – Join us for a hike on the Franklin part of the Crow Wing Trail near Senkiw in summer.  We will see lady’s-slippers and other species of orchids along this trail that includes upland sandy areas as well as a riparian portion near the Roseau River.  There are many species of violets, vines, and shrubs.  This fieldtrip is part of an Orchid Festival that we are holding in conjunction with the Franklin branch of the Crow Wing Trail Association and the Parish of the Ukranian Orthodox Church of the Nativity of St.Mary in Senkiw.  Admission includes the interpreted fieldtrip, displays, a slide-show on orchids, a talk on the pioneer history of the area including a look inside the beautiful old church, BBQ hotdogs and drinks for lunch at the old town hall, and a lot of fun!  An additional attraction is the historic suspension bridge built across the beautiful Roseau River many years ago by area residents so their children could go to school and recently restored by the Franklin branch of the CWT-Association.  Register early to avoid disappointment.
See Map with directions to Senkiw.

Saturday, June 23 – for those who missed the first trip another chance to visit the Brokenhead Wetland.  Later-blooming orchids like White bog-orchid (P.dilatata) and Showy lady’s-slippers should be in full flower along with 8 or more species of carnivorous plants including pitcher plants and the exotic sundews.

2006 Field Trip Schedule

SATURDAY, MAY 6 – Old Dawson Road, Hadashville, East Braintree – pine forests and spring flowers including Crocus, Coltsfoot, Marigolds, Bloodroot, Trailing arbutus, among others.  We will have lunch at the Manitoba Forestry Association’s Sandilands Forest Interpretive Centre near Hadashville on the Whitemouth River.

SATURDAY, MAY 27 – Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Tolstoi and the Franklin Crow Wing Trail on the beautiful Roseau River – the endangered Small white lady’s-slipper and other tall-grass-prairie plants in the Preserve and many unusual plant species along the CWT trail through the riparian zone along the river.  The lovely and historic suspension bridge is a photographer’s delight.  NEW

SATURDAY, JUNE 10 – Woodridge cedar bog – a perennial favourite with orchid lovers – more than a dozen native orchid species can be found in the lush habitat.  The lady’s-slippers are especially beautiful and include the rare Ram’s-head lady’s-slipper (our smallest slipper orchid).  Many other species like the Round-leaved rein-orchid and the rare Hooker’s rein-orchid should also be in bloom.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17 – Brokenhead Wetlands and Belair – see one of Manitoba’s rarest wetlands – home to 28 species of native orchids and other rare plants and one of Manitoba’s newest ecological reserves.  Then carry on to see the pretty Moccasin-flowers growing among the fresh pines in Belair Provincial Forest.

SATURDAY, JULY 8 – south of East Braintree on #308: coniferous bog with Grass-pink, Pitcher plants;  on Forestry Rd#4: Yellow lady’s-slippers, Showy lady’s-slippers, a profusion of wood lilies, other summer flowers, and butterflies.  NEW

2005 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday, May 7 – Richer, Hadashville, East Braintree – Old Dawson Road and pine forests – spring flowers (no orchids yet), three-flowered avens, crocus, bloodroot, and trailing arbutus, among others.

Saturday, June 11 – Woodridge – cedar bog – small round-leaf orchid, yellow lady’s-slipper, showy lady’s-slipper, and other orchids and unusual plants.

Saturday, June 25 – Brokenhead Wetlands, Stead Road site, Belair Provincial Forest – moccasin-flower, dragon’s-mouth, other orchids, and rare bog plants including carnivorous plants.

2004 Field Trip Schedule

SATURDAY, MAY 8 – Richer, Hadashville, East Braintree – Old Dawson Road and pine forests – spring flowers (no orchids yet), Three-flowered avens, Crocus, Bloodroot and Trailing arbutus.

SATURDAY, JUNE 5 – Marble Ridge – spruce forest over limestone – Fairy-slipper, Ram’s-head lady’s-slipper and other orchids.

SATURDAY, JUNE 12 – Woodridge – cedar bog – Small round-leaf orchid, Showy lady’s-slipper, Yellow lady’s-slipper and other orchids.

SATURDAY, JUNE 19 – Brokenhead Wetlands, Stead Road site, Belair – Moccasin flower, Dragon’s-mouth orchid, other orchids and rare plants.

SATURDAY, JULY 10 – south of East Braintree – coniferous bog – Grass-pink, lady’s-slippers, Pitcher-plants etc.

SATURDAY, JULY 24 – Tolstoi, Buffalo Point – tall grass prairie and mixed woods – tall grass prairie species, Western prairie fringed-orchid, and Small purple fringed-orchid.  (This trip may have to be earlier in July depending on the orchids and the availability of trip leaders.)

2003 Field Trip Schedule

SATURDAY, MAY 10 – Spring in the Southeast – Crocus, Trailing Arbutus, Three-flowered Avens, Bloodroot.

SATURDAY, JUNE 14 – Visit a cedar bog in Woodridge – Yellow Lady’s-slippers, Long-bracted Orchid, Ram’s Head Lady’s-slippers.

SATURDAY, JUNE 21 – Brokenhead Wetlands and Belair Provincial Forest – Dragon’s Mouth Orchid, Moccasin Flower and many other orchids in this rare and beautiful area.

SATURDAY, JUNE 28 – Summer in the Woodridge area – Showy Lady’s-slippers, Small Round-leaved Orchids, Blunt-leaved Orchid, and many other lovely flowers.

SATURDAY, JULY 5 – Agassiz Forest Reserve – Rose Pogonia, Tall Leafy Green Orchid, Loesel’s Twayblade, Wood Lilies and more.

SATURDAY, JULY 19 – Fantastic Fringies – Visit Buffalo Point and the Tall Grass Prairie – Small Purple Fringed Orchid and Western Prairie Fringed Orchid.

2002 Field Trip Schedule

SATURDAY, MAY 4th – Come with us out to the southeast, Richer, Hadashville and East Braintree to see Crocus, Three-flowered Avens and Trailing Arbutus. We are sure to see early over-wintering butterflies and birds too. Native orchids will be sprouting at this time. See the Pipsissewa or Prince’s Pine in the Jack Pine forests.

SATURDAY, MAY 25th – This is the time to see Fairy Slipper Orchids, Early Coral Root, and possibly Moccasin Flowers in bloom. With luck we should also be able to see the beautiful, pink Bog Laurel along the #308 and the shy Goldthread flowers as well.

SATURDAY, JUNE 15th – Out to a cedar bog near Woodridge, this time to see the Ram’s Head Lady-Slippers, Yellow Lady’s-Slippers and Small Round Leaf Orchids. There will be Paintbrush and other interesting plants blooming at the same time.

SATURDAY, JUNE 22nd – Our first trip of the year to the Gull Lake Wetlands to see the early orchids, sedges and insect-eating plants there. The Showy Lady’s-Slippers should be blooming at this time as well as many other orchids. We can make a side trip to see the Moccasin Flowers in Belair Provincial Forest.

SATURDAY, JUNE 29th – Back out to the Woodridge area to see the orchids we missed last time and anything that’s new. The show of wildflowers in the country should be getting better and better.

SATURDAY, JULY 20th – Back out to the Gull Lake wetlands to see more orchids including the three little pink ones; Dragon’s Mouth, Rose Pogonia and Grass Pink. The carnivorous plants should be at their bug-eating best.

MONDAY, JULY 29th – Here’s one for all you unlucky people who have to work weekends! We will head out to the Whiteshell to see the halcyon-blue Viper’s Bugloss and Vervain. The beautiful White Water Lilies floating on Lily Pond are a photographers delight. Relict populations of strange old Ironwood trees and majestic White Pine are just some of the many attractions in this special park. Join us for the last field trip of the season. If it’s hot, we’ll stop for ice cream!

2001 Field Trip Schedule

Saturday May 5 – Forget that long winter! Come and celebrate spring with us on a field trip to the Richer, Sandilands, Hadashville and East Braintree areas. See the Prairie Crocus, Trailing Arbutus and Three Flowered Avens, among other wild flowers. With luck, the delicate and elusive Fairy Slipper Orchid will be blooming at this time, in our study area, and you will be able to see other wild orchids sprouting new leaves and getting ready to bloom.

Saturday June 16 – Come with us to our study area in Woodridge. More than a dozen orchid species can be found there during the year, in this cedar bog. The lady’s-slipper orchids are especially beautiful. This site has a large population of the smallest of the slipper orchids, the rare Ram’s Head Lady’s Slipper. The Small Round-leaf Orchid is also found there and is one of the most delicate and lovely of the wild orchids with its white and pink, polka-dotted petals. There are, of course, a number of other “Little Green Jobs”, which Bud will be happy to show you.

Saturday June 23 – Come and see the beautiful Gull Lake Wetlands for yourself. This special fen contains dozens of native orchid species as well as carnivorous plants and other rare species. See, for yourself, why we think part of it should be declared an ecological reserve. We will also visit our study sites in the unusual Belair and Grand Beach areas. See the Moccasin Flowers and other interesting plants in the pine Forests there.

Saturday July 14 – We will be heading out into the southeast again to see a variety of wildflowers in Hadashville, East Braintree and the Whiteshell Forest Reserve. Of special interest, will be a side trip to see the rare Brittle Prickly Pear Cactus. These exotic little plants with their large, waxy, yellow blossoms and formidable spines, seem strangely out of place growing among the lichens and wild onions of the Precambrian Shield. This is also a good time to see Milkweed and Monarch Butterflies enjoying their happy relationship.

Saturday July 21 – Back to the Gull Lake Wetlands, to see the fen in all its midsummer glory. The delicate blossoms of the Rose Pogonia, Grass Pink and Dragon’s Mouth Orchid should still be showing at both sites. The Carnivorous plants: Pitcher Plants, Sundews, Butterworts and Bladderworts, should be at their insect-eating best.

Saturday August 4 – The last field trip of the summer is always fun and well attended. We will head into the Whiteshell again to see the rare and beautiful Vipers Bugloss, Vervain, White Waterlilies and the unusual and very old Ironwood and White Pine Trees there. On the way we will see many other wildflowers, animals and birds. This trip will provide an occasion to share information over lunch, about the many interesting things we have seen over the summer and, for you to give us your suggestions for next years field trips.

2000 Field Trip Schedule

SATURDAY, APRIL 15th – Come with us to the Sandilands-Hadashville area to see your first spring crocus.

SATURDAY, MAY 6th – Join us on the hunt for the shy trailing arbutus, 3-flowered avens and just possibly the first fairy slipper orchids of spring. We will be at our work areas in the Sandilands, Hadashville, East Braintree area. Crocuses should still be around for those who missed them last time.

SUNDAY, MAY 28th – See the rare white lady’s-slipper in the Tolstoi-Gardenton area. Other yellow lady’s-slippers and interesting flowers possibly there, as well.

SATURDAY, JUNE 3rd – Come with us on our first trip of the year to the rare and beautiful Gull Lake Wetlands in Scanterbury, Manitoba. Pitcher Plants, early orchids and the elusive Greenland Primrose will be there. After lunch see the Moccasin Flowers in our study area in Belair Forest Reserve.

SATURDAY, JUNE 10th – We will visit our study area in Woodridge. More than a dozen native orchids can be found there. On the way home we can stop and see the Bog Laurel in bloom along the 308.

SATURDAY JUNE 24th – Back to the Gull Lake Wetlands, now in full bloom. See lady’s-slipper orchids, insect-eating plants and possibly the rare Dragon’s Mouth and Grass Pink orchids.

SATURDAY, JULY 8th – See the beautiful and rare Western Prairie Fringed Orchid in the Stuartburn-Tolstoi area. Also the many other interesting plants of the tall grass prairie.

SATURDAY, JULY 15th – Another look at the Gull Lake wetlands to photograph what you missed the last time. We may also see the rare Rose Pogonia orchid in bloom.

SATURDAY JULY 29th – Another trip out east to see Short Stemmed Thistle, Red-Berried Elder, Monarchs and Milkweeds in the Hadashville area, the White Water Lily in West Hawk Lake and the Ladies-Tresses orchids in East Braintree.

SATURDAY AUGUST 5th – See this beautiful Gull Lake Wetlands at Scanterbury, Manitoba in late summer. Warm and lovely, teeming with life

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19th – Come with us to East Braintree and the Whiteshell. See a heady mix of wildflowers, ladies tresses orchids and bottle gentians in the gravel pits as well as the rare Viper’s Bugloss and Ironwood near Falcon Lake.