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Native Orchid Conservation Inc. (NOCI) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is, to foster an awareness of, and to protect unique ecosystems and their plant communities. This primarily involves native orchids, but also extends to other rare and/or endangered plants.

Our 6 Main Objectives

  1. To identify areas containing rare native plant species;
  2. To work alone or with other conservation bodies, governments and corporations to conserve native plant species;
  3. To perform research and field studies and to preserve data on, and specimens of native plants;
  4. To foster an awareness and appreciation of rare native plant species in the field, and through educational displays;
  5. To provide an association and a voice for those interested in the conservation of native plants and the natural environment;
  6. To provide field trips and opportunities for study for students and others interested in learning more about our native
    plant species.