Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for fun-loving volunteers to chat with visitors at our displays.  Our upcoming two days of displays at the Orchid Festival in Oak Hammock, June 3rd and 4th, is one such opportunity.  Please call Doris at 231-1160 or adames@mts.net if you can help. 

Our fieldtrip season has begun and we URGENTLY need volunteers to assist with leading trips.  Volunteers will get to go on scouting trips and learn more about Manitoba orchids and other rare plants.  You won't get paid, but will get free transportation, or mileage if your vehicle is needed.  Our 2006 Fieldtrip Schedule will give you more information on this year's trips.  If you'd like to help with fieldtrips, please contact Iris at 475-9878 or irhymer@shaw.ca