Manitoba Conservation Contributes $22,200 to our new Educational Video Project -- 2005Mar15

On March 15 of 2005, Manitoba Conservation's SDIF (Sustainable Development Innovations Fund) promised $22,200 toward NOCI's new Educational Video Project.

Al Simmons, the well-known entertainer, will be the spokesperson for this project designed to enhance public awareness of native orchid species and to promote orchid conservation. It will involve the production of a 20-minute educational video, as well as shorter versions including a 30-second version to be aired as a PSA (public service announcement) on television. The video, on DVD, will be made available for a variety of educational purposes. It will also be shown at NOCI displays.

Al is a Manitoban who is very interested in protecting the environment in general and wild orchids in particular. For more on Al, visit his website

If you would like to learn more about this project or help support it financially please contact:

Doris Ames, president of NOCI
117 Morier Avenue, Winnipeg, MB