Our educational video Zoom In On Native Orchids is available on DVD -- 2005Aug05

We have completed production of a 24-minute educational video entitled Zoom In On Native Orchids.  The video consists of two segments.  The first features Al Simmons, the well-known entertainer, playing two roles in scenes that are entertaining as well as informative.  The second segment has beautiful pictures and information on our native orchids.  We find that adults as well as children of almost any age enjoy watching this video, and the learning experience it offers.  We encourage everyone to see it, and we encourage teachers to use it in schools. 

You can watch the video online.  Also, check out these still photos from the making of this video.  For information, phone 204-231-1160 or email adames@mts.net.  Please send your feedback to adames@mts.net.

Alas, the free DVDs are all gone.  It is now $5.00 per DVD.  You can buy it online:

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