EKO (for as long as...)  video

This new and exciting 26-minute video on wetland conservation uses innovative methods to both educate and entertain.  It differs from old-style wetland videos, that often feature the life-cycle of the muskrat, in the way it employs both words and pictures to show the importance of wetlands in a broader context.  The importance of the Brokenhead Wetland to the culture of the adjacent Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation and to eco-tourism, its role in carbon fixation, aquifer recharge, and drought and flood mitigation is explained, as well as the wetland's obvious importance as habitat for animals, flagship species such as the rare native orchids, and medicinal plants. 

Talented and beautiful actress Amy Simoes acts as our guide as she walks and paddles her way through the wetland and surrounding area pointing out the unusual features of the wetland, conducting interviews with the community stakeholders and pointing out flagship plant species in an entertaining and informative way.  She emphasizes the need for this rare wetland to be protected and speaks with architects and other specialists as to how this might be accomplished by the use of boardwalks and interpretive trails and public education.  People of all ages enjoy this video and we heartily recommend its use in schools.  Please send your feedback to adames@mts.net.

Buy this video.  It is truly "a breath of fresh air". 

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