Appendix H.   Activities at Sandilands Selective Cutting Site   2001 through 2003
April 19/01:
Replaced damaged flagging tape and inspected plots.
Hours: 2x2= 4 hours
Mileage: 196km.

May 10/01:
Observed orchids for growth.
Fairy Slipper Orchids (Calypso bulbosa) had leaves but only two had flower spikes.
Repaired flagging tape again.
Hours: 4x2= 8 hours
Mileage: 196 km.

May 16/01:
Checked plots.
Calypso bulbosa blooming in Plot 10 on the east side. Also near Plot 7 on the west side. About 10 plants in bloom altogether.
Many seedlings present.
Hours: 1x2=2 hours
Mileage: 196 km.

June 8/01:
Plots very wet.
Hooker's Orchid(Platanthera hookeri) in bloom.
Large Round-Leaved Orchid (Platanthera orbiculata) are in bud.
Cold and wet weather seems to be holding their growth back.
Hours: 1x1=1 hour
Mileage: 196 km.

Aug 13/01:
Photographed all plots.
Hours: 5x2= 10 hours
Mileage: 196km.

Aug 22/01:
Standing water in most plots.
Plots badly overgrown with grass.
Counted all orchids that were visible in plots. There were 30% fewer than last year.
All the orchids had missing flower spikes, rotting leaves, or both.
No Calypso bulbosa leaves visible.
Recent very heavy rains in this area.
We replaced broken flagging tape around plots.
Hours: 4x2= 8 hours
Mileage: 196km.

Nov 16/01:
Checked plots. Tape intact, no fallen trees.
Hours: 2x5= 10 hours
Mileage: 196km.

April 22/02:  Bud and Doris left 8:00AM for Sandilands. Did lux readings at 10AM, 1PM and 4PM. It was very windy at the 4PM reading. Repaired survey stakes and tape except for number 10 and number 20 plots, which need new stakes. A large white spruce fell down over the path leading to the plots on the west side. Seven Calypso orchids have leaves in plot number 10. They did not have leaves in the late fall but they do now.
Hours: 12x2=24hours
Mileage: 196km
Meals: $39.87

April 26/02:  Doris and Bud left Winnipeg 2PM for Sandilands. Repeated 4PM lux readings. Two Calypso have flower spikes in plot number 10. Took photos of Calypso and repaired more tapes. Came home 7:30PM.
Hours: 5.5x2=11hours
Mileage: 196km
Meals: $26.29.

June 20/02:  Bud and Eugene left 8AM to do lux readings. Returned by 7PM. Orchids in bloom: Hooker's, Yellow Lady's-Slippers, Striped Coral Root and Early Coral Root. Plot T1 has a large Round Leaf Orchid coming up.
Hours: 2x11=22hours
Mileage: 196km
Meals: $38.76

Aug 12/02:  Bud photographed all plots.
Hours: 6x1=6hours
Mileage: 200km

Aug 19/02:  Doris and Bud left 8AM to do light readings. Returned at 7:30PM. Plots were wet and covered with grass. We did readings at 10AM, 1PM and 4PM. The rest of the time we did other survey work.
Hours: 2x4=8hours
Mileage: 196km
Meals: $45.88

Aug 22/02:  Bud, Doris and Eugene left Winnipeg at 9:00AM. We counted the orchids in all the plots and repaired stakes and replaced numbers. The orchids were under mats of grass and rotting. Some plots still wet. We need to do the orchid count next year before Aug 15th because the summers are so short and wet lately. The orchid count was down to 68. It has been dropping sharply the last 2 years.
Hours: 9x3=27hours
Mileage: 300km
Meals: $42.64

April 29/03:  Richard and Doris left Winnipeg at 9:00AM for Sandilands. We repaired the flagging tape and stakes and took some photographs. Seven Calypso bulbosa had leaves in Plot#10. (These bloomed in May.) Left at noon for other projects.
Hours: 3 x 2 = 6 hours
Mileage: 98km (Richard)
Meals: $60.63

June 10/03:  Doris and Al left Winnipeg 11:00AM to check orchids in plots. Picked up Mary and Jake in Hadashville. We found blooming C.pubescens in plots 7,5,17,3,9,19; C.arietinum in plot 5; P.orbiculata in Plot 3 and P.obtusata in plots 16 and 13. Plots are moist but not covered with water like last year.
Hours: 10 hours
Mileage: 196km (Al)

Aug 12/03:  Richard, Eugene and Doris left 8:00AM for Sandilands to do the orchid count. When we got there we found the plots had been vandalized by wolf puppies. We had to repair all the plots and photograph them and do the orchid count. We worked until dark and managed to get 14 plots done and made arrangements to return on August 15th. The plots remained drier than last year. Temperature 32°C and humid.
Hours: 13.5 x 3 = 40.5 hours
Mileage: 251.3km (NOCI truck)
Meals: $66.26 (Eugene)

Aug 15/03:  Eugene and Doris left 9:00AM for Sandilands. Temp 32°C Humidity 92%. We got the rest of the plots repaired and the orchids counted by 3:00PM. Total count 111. We went to Hadashville for lunch. It was too hot to continue so we decided to come back to do the photography.
Hours: 6 x 2 = 12hours
Mileage: 196km (NOCI truck)
Meals: $45.59 (Eugene)

Aug 19/03:  Richard and Eugene left at 10:00AM for Sandilands. They finished the plot photography.
Hours:6 x 2 = 12hours
Mileage: 200km (Richard)
Meals: $14.80 (Richard)

Oct 15/03:  Doris, Eugene and Richard left Winnipeg 9:00AM for Sandilands. We repaired the flagging tape and then took wide angle photos of the canopy and photos of the densiometer when facing in four different directions while standing in the centre of each plot to get an estimate of the canopy closure. Then we estimated the canopy closure by eye. We took photos of the activities for our final report.
Hours: 9.5 x 3 = 28.5hours
Mileage: 257km (Richard)
Meals: $26.26 (Richard)

Prepared by Doris Ames, president of NOCI