NOCI Projects

Overview of All our Projects, with photos - 2005-July

Gull-Lake / Brokenhead Wetlands Project

Gull Lake Wetlands - Project Overview
Gull Lake Wetlands - Botanical Survey - Final Report
Brokenhead Wetland - Ecological Reserve Announcement 2005-June
Brokenhead Wetland - Trail and Boardwalk Design presentation 2006-October
Brokenhead Wetland - BWER Conservation Prospectus by Nathan Vadeboncoeur at UBC
Brokenhead Wetland - Boardwalk + EKO brochure

Sandilands Selective Cutting Project

Selective Cutting: Effects on Orchids in Sandilands - Project Overview
Selective Cutting: Effects on Orchids in Sandilands - Year-5 Report

South-East Timber Sales (SETS) Project

SETS Rare Plant Survey - Project Overview
SETS Rare Plant Survey - Phase-I Report
SETS Rare Plant Survey - Phase-II report

North & West Plant Survey (NWPS) Project

North & West Plant Survey - Project Overview
North & West Plant Survey - Final Report

Orchids of Manitoba -- Book Project

Book Project - Overview
Book Project - Updated Orchids-of-Manitoba Species-list
Book Project - Announcing the Book Launch at McNally Robinson
Book Project - activity photos
Book Project - Our book is available at...

Educational Video Project

Educational Video Project - Announcement 2005-March
Educational Video Project - 2005-June Fundraiser at MTYP featuring Al Simmons
Educational Video Project - activity photos
Educational Video Project - DVD's are Available 2005-Aug
Educational Video Project - Video Segments available Online 2006-Nov

Seed-Bank Project

Seed-Bank Project - Announcement 2006-June
Seed-Bank Project - Collecting Guidelines - by R St-Pierre 2006-June
Seed-Bank Project - Activities Presentation 2006-October
Seed-Bank Project - Collections with maps 2009-December