Pictures of Manitoba Orchids

  Amerorchis rotundifolia   (Small round-leaved orchid)
  Arethusa bulbosa   (Dragon's-mouth)
  Calopogon tuberosus var.tuberosus   (Grass-pink)
  Calypso bulbosa var.americana   (Fairy-slipper)
  Corallorhiza maculata var.maculata   (Spotted coralroot)
  Corallorhiza maculata var.occidentalis   (Western spotted coralroot)
  Corallorhiza striata var.striata   (Striped coralroot)
  Corallorhiza trifida   (Early coralroot)
  Cypripedium ×andrewsii   (Hybrid: Smallwhite × Yellow)
  Cypripedium acaule   (Moccasin-flower lady's-slipper)
  Cypripedium arietinum   (Ram's-head lady's-slipper)
  Cypripedium candidum   (Small white lady's-slipper)
  Cypripedium parviflorum   (Yellow lady's-slipper)
  Cypripedium parviflorum var.makasin   (Northern small yellow lady's-slipper)
  Cypripedium parviflorum var.pubescens   (Large yellow lady's-slipper)
  Cypripedium passerinum   (Sparrow-egg lady's-slipper)
  Cypripedium reginae   (Showy lady's-slipper)
  Dactylorhiza viridis   (Long-bracted frog-orchid)
  Epipactis helleborine   (Broad-leaved helleborine)
  Goodyera repens   (Lesser rattlesnake-orchid)
  Goodyera tesselata   (Tessellated rattlesnake-orchid)
  Liparis loeselii   (Loesel's false-twayblade)
  Listera borealis   (Northern twayblade)
  Listera cordata var.cordata   (Heart-leaved twayblade)
  Malaxis brachypoda   (White adder's-mouth)
  Malaxis paludosa   (Bog adder's-mouth)
  Malaxis unifolia   (Green adder's-mouth)
  Platanthera aquilonis   (Northern green bog-orchid)
  Platanthera dilatata var.dilatata   (White bog-orchid)
  Platanthera hookeri   (Hooker's rein-orchid)
  Platanthera huronensis   (Tall green bog-orchid)
  Platanthera lacera   (Ragged fringed-orchid)
  Platanthera obtusata   (Blunt-leaf rein-orchid)
  Platanthera orbiculata   (Round-leaved rein-orchid)
  Platanthera praeclara   (Western prairie fringed-orchid)
  Platanthera psycodes   (Small purple fringed-orchid)
  Pogonia ophioglossoides   (Rose pogonia)
  Spiranthes lacera var.lacera   (Slender ladies'-tresses)
  Spiranthes magnicamporum   (Great-plains ladies'-tresses)
  Spiranthes romanzoffiana   (Hooded ladies'-tresses)

A new Orchid species for Manitoba

  Platanthera hyperborea      Please see note attached to the species page