Pictures of Activities & Slideshows

2002-summer   Fieldtrips
2003-Jan   Members' Night
2003-summer   Fieldtrips
2003-June   Bruce/Tobermory trip
2003-Oct   MossSpur-Sign
2004-Feb   Members' Night
2004-Apr   AGM
2004-summer   Fieldtrips
2004-July   Churchill trip
2004-Aug   ConwaySC trip
2004-Oct29   Members' Night
2005-Feb25   AGM
2005-spring   NOCI displays in use
2005-June   Ecological Reserve Announcement
2005-July   Book project activities
2005-July   NOCI Projects and Activities
2005-summer   Fieldtrips
2005-Oct28   Members' Night
2005-Nov   Video Project activities
2006-Feb24   AGM
2006-spring   NOCI displays in action
2006-Apr   NOCI board receiving Premier's Award
2006-summer   Fieldtrips
2006-Oct27   Members' Night
2007-Feb16   AGM
2007-March   Sex and Murder in the Bog: Orchids and Carnivorous Plants   NEW
2007-spring   NOCI displays
2007-Jun04   NOCI receiving Canadian Environment Award
2007-summer   Fieldtrips
2007-Oct26   Members' Night
2008-Feb15   AGM
2008-Mar30   MOS Orchid Show
2008-summer   NCC+NOCI Survey-outings
2008-summer   Fieldtrips
2008-July   Winnipeg to Inuvik by land
2008-Oct24   Members' Night
2009-Feb27   AGM
2009-Mar27-29   MOS Orchid Show
2009-summer   Fieldtrips
2009-Oct23   Members' Night
2010-Feb19   AGM
2010-summer   Fieldtrips
2010 RM of Reynolds - Wildflowers  NEW
2010 Pictures from the October Members Night  NEW

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