Survey of Crown Lands in Northern and Western Manitoba for Plant Species at Risk
NOCI Activity Log for 2002 Aug 1 - 2004 July 22

April 18,2003 Survey Jackpine Forest south of East Braintree for orchids and other rare plants on a scouting trip prior to setting field trip dates. Found Epigaea repens Trailing Arbutus in bud and old seedpods of Goodyera tesselata Checkered Rattlesnake orchid. No others seen.
April18 Inkind: 39hrs.
April18 Meals: $58.57(Peggy)
April18 Mileage: $122.59(Peggy)

May7, 2003 Doris, Eugene and Richard went to Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation Scanterbury.Manitoba to attend Brokenhead Wetlands Committee meeting re having the wetlands set aside as an Ecological Reserve.
May07 Inkind: 6x3hrs=18hrs
May07 Mileage: $16.81(Eugene) $49.20(Richard)=$66.01

June 9,2003 Survey Black Spruce Bog near Fisher Branch. Found 7 species of orchid and one medicinal plant Valerian dioica(Northern Valerian).
June09 Inkind: 39hrs.
June09 Meals: $29.83(Richard) $34.90(Eugene)
June09 Mileage: $145.55(Richard) $13.94(Eugene) Total $159.49

June 11,2003 Surveyed Bog L and K on Hwy#15 then went to Hadashville and looked at Bog A and a new area BG on the south side of the #503. We found 6 species of orchid.
June11 Inkind: 14hrs
June 11 Meals $19.16(Eugene)
June 11 Mileage: $168.10(Eugene)

June 12, 2003 Field trip and survey at Brokenhead Wetlands site of prospective Ecological Reserve. Took 20 First Nation people and others to see rare plants and survey possibilities for installation of boardwalks. Found 7 species of orchid and 3 of other rare plants.
June12 Inkind: 23hrs
June12Meals: $4.39(Richard)
June12 Mileage: $92.25(Richard)

June 23-25,2003 Four NOCI members went on a three-day survey trip to Riding Mountain National Park and Duck Mountain Provincial Park. We found 4 new areas with rare plants. These included 14 species of orchid and 3 species of other rare plants.
June23-25 Inkind: 168hrs
June23-25 Meals: $318.13(Peggy)
June23-25 Groceries: $4.92(Peggy)
June23-25 Park pass: $12.50(Peggy)
June23-25 Motels: $111.15(Doris) $237.70(Peggy) Total $348.85
June23-25 Mileage: $483.39(Peggy)

July 5,2003 We went to Milner Ridge and found orchids in a bog there about 1.5km west of the junction of Hwy#435 and Hwy #214 on the south side of a cut line. We saw Malaxis monophyllos var brachypoda (White Adder's Mouth), Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady's-slippers), Blunt Leaf Orchid and Large Yellow Lady's-slippers.
July05 Inkind: 20hrs
July05 Mileage: $61.50(Eugene)

July 7,2003 Surveyed a bog south of Contour with our amphibious A.T.V. Found Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady's slipper) on the left side of a SNOfund snowmobile trail on a left-hand fork past Contour, and also found hundreds of Calopogon tuberosus (Grass Pink) on either side of the trail extending for approx. one mile in a cedar, tamarack bog. Then we went back to the forks and took the right-hand trail through a Jackpine forest. We found Epigaea repens (Trailing Arbutus) and Goodyera tesselata (Checkered Rattlesnake orchid) there.
July07 Inkind: 20 hrs.
July07 Meals: $34.44(Eugene)
July07 Mileage: $63.55(Eugene)

July 15,2003 In the morning, we went to Moss Spur Road North to show the SunGro Horticulture people the part of their licence area where Platanthera lacera (Ragged Fringed orchid) were growing. They agreed to set aside this area from moss harvesting and to help us put up a sign warning A.T.V.'rs to stay off that area.
In the afternoon we returned to the bog near Milner Ridge to check the growth of orchids there. This time we also found Malaxis unifolia (Green Adder's Mouth), P.aquilonis (Northern Green Bog Orchid), Coeloglossum viride (Long-bracted orchid), Cypripedium arietinum (Ram's head Lady's-slipper) and Amerorchis rotundifolia (Small Round-leaved orchid) as well as the species we found on July 5th, 2003.
July15 Inkind: 21hrs.
July15 Meals: $21.53
July15 Mileage: $108.24

July 24,2003 Eugene and Doris went to the Brokenhead Wetlands near Scanterbury, Manitoba to get photos of the White Cedar Forest and the calcareous fen to illustrate an article Doris wrote for the Manitoba Gardener on conservation of this rare wetland.
July24 Inkind: 13hrs.
July24 Meals: $17.40
July24 Mileage: $82.00

July 31,2003 Doris and Eugene went to Richard's place to pick up orchid photos to illustrate an article Doris was writing for the Manitoba Gardener and for use in display board preparation.
July31 Inkind: 6hrs.
July31 Mileage: $32.80(Eugene)

Aug 21,2003 Survey trip to bog near Ross, Manitoba. We took Forestry Road 13N into the bog and found Gerardia tenufolia (Gerardia). We also found Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady's-slipper) on the east side of FR13N in the Contour Bog.
Aug21 Inkind: 18hrs
Aug21 Meals: $21.95
Aug21 Mileage: $57.40(Eugene)

Aug 22,2003 Surveyed FR13W and found Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag) at the end of the road. It was too wet to proceed, so we turned around and went down FR#1 South. We found Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady's-slippers) on the west side.
Aug22 Inkind: 16hrs
Aug22 Meals: $18.44(Eugene)
Aug22 Mileage: $90.61(Eugene)

Oct.10, 2003 Doris and Richard went to Lac du Bonnet to take a GPS course given by Manitoba Conservation Dept. of Forestry.
Oct10 Inkind: 22hrs
Oct10 Meals: $15.29(Richard)
Oct10 Mileage: $106.20(Richard)

Oct.19, 2003 We went to Mosspur North to photograph the new sign informing the public about the rare Ragged Fringed Orchid there. Then we went to see the Calypso orchids in Bog A off the #503 near Hadashville, Manitoba. Their new leaves were showing.
Oct19 Inkind: 30hrs.
Oct10 Meals: $58.40(Peggy)
Oct10 Mileage: $147.90(Peggy)

Oct. 23,2003 Eugene and Doris went to Brokenhead Ojibway First Nations near Scanterbury to attend a Brokenhead Wetland Committee meeting.
Oct23 Inkind: 12hrs.
Oct23 Meals: $7.42(Eugene)
Oct23 Mileage: $69.84(Eugene)

Jan.13, 2004 Eugene and Doris went to Scanterbury, Manitoba to attend a Brokenhead Wetlands Committee meeting.
Jan13 Inkind: 9hrs
Jan13 Meals: $7.49(Eugene)
Jan13 Mileage: $51.48(Eugene)

Feb.20, 2004 Survey site of future Bergen Peat Moss plant near Hadashville for rare plants. Location is approx 1.5km west of the junction of Hwy#505 and #503. There was no evidence of rare plants or suitable habitat for native orchid species in the part we were able to survey. The roads have not been completed yet.
Feb20 Inkind: 14hrs
Feb20 Meals: $39.26(Eugene)
Feb20 Mileage: $53.28(Eugene)

March 4, 2004 Eugene and Doris attended a meeting of the Brokenhead Wetland Committee in Scanterbury.
Mar04 Inkind: 7hrs
Mar04 Mileage: $53.28(Eugene)

April 12, 2004 Went on a scouting trip to check plant growth preliminary to setting field trip dates. We checked sites in Richer, Hadashville and East Braintree. No orchids were up yet but Crocus were blooming on the north side of Hwy#1West near Hadashville.
Apr12 Inkind: 14hrs
Apr12 Meals: $25.66(Peggy)
Apr12 Mileage: $100.44(Peggy)

May 3, 2004 Al and Doris picked up the truck and Argo from Wye Road near East Braintree where they were in storage and brought them back to Winnipeg for summer use.
May03 Inkind: 14hrs
May03 Meals: $20.45(Doris)
May03 Mileage: $108.00(Doris)

June 2, 2004 Survey trip to Marble Ridge near Fisher Branch by Richard, Eugene and Doris. We found Cypripedium arietinum (Ram's Head Lady's-slipper) in bloom on the Spruce Grove Trail. Then we surveyed the old limestone quarry in the PFRA pasture nearby. We found Myosorus minimus (Least Mousetail), a rare plant that hadn't been seen in Manitoba for 55 years.
June02 Inkind: 39hrs
June02 Mileage: $57.75(Richard) $6.15(Eugene)

June 28, 2004 Doris attended the Brokenhead Wetlands Committee at Scanterbury, Manitoba.
June28 Inkind: 3.5hrs
June28 Mileage: $22.20(Doris)

June 30, 2004 Survey trip to a bog near McCreary, Manitoba. Location approx. 25kms from Alonsa in a PFRA pasture. Doris Ames and Lorne Heshka found many species of native orchids there including the rare Platanthera orbiculata (Large Round-leaved orchid) and Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady's-slipper).
June30 Inkind: 21hrs.
June30 Meals: $23.32(Doris)
June30 Mileage: $67.20(Lorne)

July 1, 2004 Eugene and Doris went looking for orchids on #15. We saw blooming Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady's-slippers) on both sides of the highway near Contour.
July01 Inkind: 10 hrs
July 01 Mileage: $26.70(Eugene)

July 7, 2004 Survey trip to southeast for orchids. We found blooming Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady's-slippers) on the Spruce Siding Road as well as Large Yellow Lady's-slippers. We also found Showy Lady's-slippers on FR#4 and on the east side of #308.
July07 Inkind: 25 hrs
July07 Mileage: $209.15 (NOCI truck)

July 13-22,2004 Six members of NOCI drove to Thompson and took the train to Churchill to conduct a survey for northern native orchid species. We found 21 native plant species at risk (See separate list).
July13-22 Inkind: 276hrs(Eugene, Doris&Richard)
July 13-22 Meals: $103.36
July 13-22Hotel Rooms: $125.40
July 13-22 Mileage part-way and side trips: $285.00(Richard)
July 13-21Mileage part way: $270.00(John)

July 23, 2004 Scouting trip to Tolstoi to check orchids on the Agassiz Interpretive Trail in the Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie preliminary to a field trip. Saw many Platanthera praeclara (Western Prairie Fringed Orchids) in bloom.
July 23 Inkind: 18hrs
July 23 Mileage: $24.60(Eugene) $16.50(John)= $35.10

July 24,2004 Conducted a field trip for the general public to see Western Prairie Fringed Orchid and other plant species on Manitoba's Tall Grass Prairie in Tolstoi.
July 24 Inkind: 12hrs
July 24 Mileage: $33.15(Doris)