NOCI Fieldtrip Schedule 2009

Saturday, May 16 Steep Rock - limestone cliffs and underwater caves created by Lake Manitoba.  Unusual plant and animal communities and spectacular scenery.  Crocus, plains cymopterus, sand bladderpod. 

Saturday, May 23 Bird's Hill Provincial Park - glacial history revealed by the gravel ridges (glacial eskers), erratics (large rocks), and old beach ridges of glacial Lake Agassiz.  The resulting open prairies and forests contain an interesting mixture of plant communities - three-flowered avens, prairie buttercup, violets, fruit trees and shrubs.  (New)

Saturday, June 13 Mt Nebo - hill at the base of the Manitoba Escarpment.  On the top of the hill: fragile prickly pear cactus, white onion, shining arnica.  In the oak and birch forest lower down, the unusual understorey includes nodding trillium, spotted coralroot, columbine, yellow lady's-slipper, downy yellow violets.  (New)

Saturday, June 20 Woodridge - Cedar Bog contains many rare plants including orchids such as showy lady's-slippers and small round-leaved orchid, bluets, paintbrush. 

Saturday, June 27 Brokenhead Wetlands - cedar swamp and rare calcareous fen - rare plants include many orchid species and carnivorous plants. 

Saturday, July 04 Portage Sandhills Wildlife Management Area - south of Portage la Prairie - plant communities include species peculiar to sandhill complexes: pink-flowered onion, prickly-pear cactus, Nuttall's violet, Indian paintbrush, and more.  (New)

To register for a trip, please contact our fieldtrip-coordinator Iris Reimer at 475-9878 or  Please register early because we take a limited number of participants in order to minimize damage to some of the sensitive habitats.  There is a charge of $10.00 per adult, or $5.00 per child under 18, to cover costs and you will be required to sign a liability waiver.  You must be a NOCI-member to join us on these trips (becoming a member on the day of the trip is fine).  Please dress suitably for the weather as we go rain or shine.  Hats, drinking water, a bag lunch, sunscreen, and insect repellent are recommended.  We will meet at a place in the city that is on a bus route before setting off on the fieldtrip. 

Please let Iris know if you have room for extra passengers in your car as we encourage car-pooling for environmental reasons.  If you wish to leave your car at the meeting place and ride with another participant, please expect to pay a share of the expenses.