NOCI Fieldtrip Schedule 2008 -- Our 10th Anniversary Year

Sat May 3 - Hadashville, East Braintree - crocus, eastern bloodroot, trailing arbutus and other spring flowers.  Manitoba Forestry Association open-house at Hadashville that day.  Have lunch on the banks of the Whitemouth River near their picturesque suspension bridge. 

Sat May 17 - Steep Rock - crocuses, limestone cliffs and underwater caves on Lake Manitoba.  Some of the most spectacular scenery this side of Greece! 

Sat May 31 - Mike James property north of Grand Beach - co-sponsored by Woodlot Association of Manitoba - theme: woodlands, wetlands, wildflowers - NOCI-interpreted walk on woodlot trails, displays, entertainment, food, and networking. 

Sat June 7 - Belair Provincial Forest - moccasin flowers, pipsissewa, wintergreen, butterflies, and birds - lunch and guided tour on trails and suspension bridge along Brokenhead River on the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. 

Sat June 14 - Mt.Nebo near Miami - hike a trail around the base of this hill on the Manitoba Escarpment.  Under huge basswood, oak, and birch trees, the unusual understory consists of wild grape, spotted coralroot, and yellow lady's-slippers growing around the creek bed.  80-million-year-old marine fossils are found in the bentonite deposits.  A spectacular view of the surrounding farmland is available to those who wish to climb up the spiral path to the top of the hill. 

Sat June 21 - Carrick, Woodridge bog - Carrick Wildflower Festival - co-sponsored by Carrick Community Club - NOCI-interpreted fieldtrip to see many other kinds of native orchids and wildflowers in Woodridge bog.  Lunch in Carrick at 100-year-old school.  Presentations on local history, native orchids, summer solstice.  Tour of oriental garden by members Keith Seidel and Aileen Huss includes 2 labyrinths. 

Sat June 28 - Brokenhead Wetlands - rare cedar forest and rich fen - late orchids and carnivorous plants.  One of the most spectacular wetlands in Manitoba. 

Sat Aug 23 - Fall Flower Festival in Senkiw, Manitoba with CWT (Franklin section).  Walk on riparian trails along Roseau River on the Jim and Marcella Towle property and on the Crow Wing Trail on Roseau Rapids First Nation - butterflies and fall flowers including gentians, ladies-tresses orchids including the endangered Great Plains ladies-tresses, sunflowers, coneflower, false indigo, wild vines, many kinds of goldenrod, Joe Pye weed, and asters including the rare Western Silvery Aster.  Lunch outdoors in Roseau River Park. 

To register for a trip, please contact our fieldtrip-coordinator Iris Reimer at 475-9878 or  Please register early because we take a limited number of participants in order to minimize damage to some of the sensitive habitats.  There is a charge of $10.00 per adult, or $5.00 per child under 18, to cover costs and you will be required to sign a liability waiver.  You must be a NOCI-member to join us on these trips (becoming a member on the day of the trip is fine).  Please dress suitably for the weather as we go rain or shine.  Hats, drinking water, a bag lunch, sunscreen, and insect repellent are recommended.  Please let Iris know if you have room for extra passengers in your car as we encourage car-pooling.  We will meet at a place in the city that is on a bus route before setting off on the fieldtrip.