NOCI Fieldtrip Schedule 2006

SATURDAY, MAY 6 - Old Dawson Road, Hadashville, East Braintree - pine forests and spring flowers including Crocus, Coltsfoot, Marigolds, Bloodroot, Trailing arbutus, among others.  We will have lunch at the Manitoba Forestry Association's Sandilands Forest Interpretive Centre near Hadashville on the Whitemouth River. 

SATURDAY, MAY 27 - Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Tolstoi and the Franklin Crow Wing Trail on the beautiful Roseau River - the endangered Small white lady's-slipper and other tall-grass-prairie plants in the Preserve and many unusual plant species along the CWT trail through the riparian zone along the river.  The lovely and historic suspension bridge is a photographer's delight.  NEW

SATURDAY, JUNE 10 - Woodridge cedar bog - a perennial favourite with orchid lovers - more than a dozen native orchid species can be found in the lush habitat.  The lady's-slippers are especially beautiful and include the rare Ram's-head lady's-slipper (our smallest slipper orchid).  Many other species like the Round-leaved rein-orchid and the rare Hooker's rein-orchid should also be in bloom. 

SATURDAY, JUNE 17 - Brokenhead Wetlands and Belair - see one of Manitoba's rarest wetlands - home to 28 species of native orchids and other rare plants and one of Manitoba's newest ecological reserves.  Then carry on to see the pretty Moccasin-flowers growing among the fresh pines in Belair Provincial Forest. 

SATURDAY, JULY 8 - south of East Braintree on #308: coniferous bog with Grass-pink, Pitcher plants;  on Forestry Rd#4: Yellow lady's-slippers, Showy lady's-slippers, a profusion of wood lilies, other summer flowers, and butterflies.  NEW

Iris Reimer is our new fieldtrip-coordinator.  Please contact Iris at 475-9878 or if you would like to join us on one of our trips.  We take a limited number of participants to some of the locations with more delicate habitat, so register early.  There is a charge of $10.00 per adult, or $5.00 per child under 18, to cover costs, and you will be required to sign a liability waiver.  You must be a member of NOCI to join us on these trips.  Please use your discretion as to whether you are able to participate depending on the degree of difficulty walking.  Iris can advise you.  Most trips are suitable for any healthy adult.  Our fieldtrip-leaders are all amateur naturalists with field experience.  We can't guarantee that you will see every plant we mention but you will see many different plants and animals and you will certainly meet interesting people.  Please dress suitably for the weather as we intend to go rain or shine.  Hats, drinking water, a bag lunch, and insect repellent are strongly recommended.  Please let Iris know if you have room for extra passengers in your car.  Many of our members do not have a car available to them but love to come on these outings.  We will arrange to meet at a place in the city that is on a bus route before we set off on the fieldtrip.  You will be notified if we have to cancel the trip for some reason. 

Volunteers are needed to assist with leading trips!  As such a volunteer, you'll get to go on scouting trips and learn more about Manitoba orchids and other rare plants.  You won't get paid, but will get free transportation, or mileage if your vehicle is needed.  If you'd like to help with fieldtrips, please contact Iris at 475-9878 or