NOCI Fieldtrip Schedule 2004

SATURDAY, MAY 8 - Richer, Hadashville, East Braintree - Old Dawson Road and pine forests - spring flowers (no orchids yet), Three-flowered avens, Crocus, Bloodroot and Trailing arbutus.

SATURDAY, JUNE 5 - Marble Ridge - spruce forest over limestone - Fairy-slipper, Ram's-head lady's-slipper and other orchids.

SATURDAY, JUNE 12 - Woodridge - cedar bog - Small round-leaf orchid, Showy lady's-slipper, Yellow lady's-slipper and other orchids.

SATURDAY, JUNE 19 - Brokenhead Wetlands, Stead Road site, Belair - Moccasin flower, Dragon's-mouth orchid, other orchids and rare plants.

SATURDAY, JULY 10 - south of East Braintree - coniferous bog - Grass-pink, lady's-slippers, Pitcher-plants etc.

SATURDAY, JULY 24 - Tolstoi, Buffalo Point - tall grass prairie and mixed woods - tall grass prairie species, Western prairie fringed-orchid, and Small purple fringed-orchid.  (This trip may have to be earlier in July depending on the orchids and the availability of trip leaders.)

Bob Joyce is our field-trip coordinator.  Please contact Bob at 256-8113 or if you would like to join us on one of these trips.  We take a limited number of members to some of the rarer and more delicate habitats, so register early.  There is a charge of $10.00 per adult, or $5.00 per child under 18, to cover costs and you will be required to sign a liability waiver.  You must be a member of NOCI to join us on these trips.  Please use your discretion as to whether you are able to participate depending on the degree of difficulty walking.  Bob can advise you.  Most trips are suitable for any healthy adult.  Our trip leaders are all amateur naturalists with field experience.  We cannot guarantee that you will see every plant we mention in bloom, but we can guarantee that you will see many different plants and animals and you will certainly meet interesting people.  Please let Bob know if you have room for extra passengers in your car.  Many of our members do not have a car available to them but would love to join us on field trips.  As well we will arrange to meet at a place in the city that is on a bus route, before we set off on the field trip.

Please dress suitably for the weather as we intend to go rain or shine.  Hats and drinking water are strongly recommended.  You will be notified if a trip has to be cancelled for some reason.