NOCI  Field Trips 2001

Saturday May 5 - Forget that long winter! Come and celebrate spring with us on a field trip to the Richer, Sandilands, Hadashville and East Braintree areas. See the Prairie Crocus, Trailing Arbutus and Three Flowered Avens, among other wild flowers. With luck, the delicate and elusive Fairy Slipper Orchid will be blooming at this time, in our study area, and you will be able to see other wild orchids sprouting new leaves and getting ready to bloom.

Saturday June 16 - Come with us to our study area in Woodridge. More than a dozen orchid species can be found there during the year, in this cedar bog. The lady's-slipper orchids are especially beautiful. This site has a large population of the smallest of the slipper orchids, the rare Ram's Head Lady's Slipper. The Small Round-leaf Orchid is also found there and is one of the most delicate and lovely of the wild orchids with its white and pink, polka-dotted petals. There are, of course, a number of other "Little Green Jobs", which Bud will be happy to show you.

Saturday June23 - Come and see the beautiful Gull Lake Wetlands for yourself. This special fen contains dozens of native orchid species as well as carnivorous plants and other rare species. See, for yourself, why we think part of it should be declared an ecological reserve. We will also visit our study sites in the unusual Belair and Grand Beach areas. See the Moccasin Flowers and other interesting plants in the pine Forests there.

Saturday July 14 - We will be heading out into the southeast again to see a variety of wildflowers in Hadashville, East Braintree and the Whiteshell Forest Reserve. Of special interest, will be a side trip to see the rare Brittle Prickly Pear Cactus. These exotic little plants with their large, waxy, yellow blossoms and formidable spines, seem strangely out of place growing among the lichens and wild onions of the Precambrian Shield. This is also a good time to see Milkweed and Monarch Butterflies enjoying their happy relationship.

Saturday July 21 - Back to the Gull Lake Wetlands, to see the fen in all its midsummer glory. The delicate blossoms of the Rose Pogonia, Grass Pink and Dragon's Mouth Orchid should still be showing at both sites. The Carnivorous plants: Pitcher Plants, Sundews, Butterworts and Bladderworts, should be at their insect-eating best.

Saturday August 4 - The last field trip of the summer is always fun and well attended. We will head into the Whiteshell again to see the rare and beautiful Vipers Bugloss, Vervain, White Waterlilies and the unusual and very old Ironwood and White Pine Trees there. On the way we will see many other wildflowers, animals and birds. This trip will provide an occasion to share information over lunch, about the many interesting things we have seen over the summer and, for you to give us your suggestions for next years field trips.

Board member, Bob Joyce, is our field trip coordinator this year. Please contact Bob at 256-8113, if you would like to join us on any of these trips. We take a limited number of people to many of the areas, as the plants are delicate and need protection. Register early to avoid disappointment. There is a charge of $10.00 per trip, to cover costs associated with running them, and you will be required to sign a liability waiver. Children must be accompanied by their parents or other responsible adult. Please use your discretion as to whether you can participate in these trips depending on your health and the degree of difficulty walking. Most trips are suitable for a healthy adult. The leaders are all unpaid amateur naturalists with field experience.

Please dress suitably for the weather and the location (we intend to go rain or shine). If there is a cancellation for any reason, you will be contacted.