As a member of NOCI you have the opportunity to participate in field trips. We want to share our experience with you. If you've always wanted to see a large variety of native orchids growing in their natural habitat, you will be pleased to see the following field trip list. We hope that you will be able to participate in one or more of these outings and look forward to your presence.

SATURDAY, APRIL 15th - Come with us to the Sandilands-Hadashville area to see your first spring crocus.

SATURDAY, MAY 6th - Join us on the hunt for the shy trailing arbutus, 3-flowered avens and just possibly the first fairy slipper orchids of spring. We will be at our work areas in the Sandilands, Hadashville, East Braintree area. Crocuses should still be around for those who missed them last time.

SUNDAY, MAY 28th - See the rare white lady's-slipper in the Tolstoi-Gardenton area. Other yellow lady's-slippers and interesting flowers possibly there, as well.

SATURDAY, JUNE 3rd - Come with us on our first trip of the year to the rare and beautiful Gull Lake Wetlands in Scanterbury, Manitoba. Pitcher Plants, early orchids and the elusive Greenland Primrose will be there. After lunch see the Moccasin Flowers in our study area in Belair Forest Reserve.

SATURDAY, JUNE 10th - We will visit our study area in Woodridge. More than a dozen native orchids can be found there. On the way home we can stop and see the Bog Laurel in bloom along the 308.

SATURDAY JUNE 24th - Back to the Gull Lake Wetlands, now in full bloom. See lady's-slipper orchids, insect-eating plants and possibly the rare Dragon's Mouth and Grass Pink orchids.

SATURDAY, JULY 8th - See the beautiful and rare Western Prairie Fringed Orchid in the Stuartburn-Tolstoi area. Also the many other interesting plants of the tall grass prairie.

SATURDAY, JULY 15th - Another look at the Gull Lake wetlands to photograph what you missed the last time. We may also see the rare Rose Pogonia orchid in bloom.

SATURDAY JULY 29th - Another trip out east to see Short Stemmed Thistle, Red-Berried Elder, Monarchs and Milkweeds in the Hadashville area, the White Water Lily in West Hawk Lake and the Ladies-Tresses orchids in East Braintree.

SATURDAY AUGUST 5th - See this beautiful Gull Lake Wetlands at Scanterbury, Manitoba in late summer. Warm and lovely, teeming with life

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19th - Come with us to East Braintree and the Whiteshell. See a heady mix of wildflowers, ladies tresses orchids and bottle gentians in the gravel pits as well as the rare Viper's Bugloss and Ironwood near Falcon Lake.

Joey Olafsson is our Native Orchid Conservation Inc. field trip coordinator. Please contact Joey at 783-8485 if you would like to join us on one of these trips. We will take just a limited number of members on each trip as many of these areas are very rare and need to be protected (so please register early). There is a charge of $10.00 per adult to cover the cost of running these trips and you will be required to sign a liability waiver. Please use your discretion as to whether you can participate in these trips depending on the degree of difficulty walking. Most trips are suitable for any healthy adult. The leaders are all unpaid, amateur naturalists with field experience.

Please dress suitably for the weather and the location (we intend to go rain or shine!). If there is a cancellation for any reason you will be contacted. Consult Joey or Bud Ewacha 253-4741 if you have further questions.