South-East Timber Sales (SETS) Rare Plant Survey - Project Overview

Native plant species in the forests of southeastern Manitoba are under tremendous pressure due to logging and peat extraction and in real need of protection. We decided to conduct field studies and a survey of plant species at risk in timber sale areas south of Hwy.#1, between the Manitoba/Ontario border and Ste. Anne. We also included Belair and Brightstone Provincial Forests and Grand Beach Park because of the significant native orchid populations found there.

Our plan is to document locations of significant habitat using the GPS and to provide this information to Manitoba's Conservation Data Centre for GIS mapping. We will collect voucher plant specimens when appropriate, for the University of Manitoba herbarium. We will provide this information to Manitoba Conservation Forestry staff to integrate into their forestry management plans and to Premier and SunGro Horticulture to integrate into their peat harvesting plans. At the same time we will consult with First Nation people regarding the appropriate collection methods for culturally significant plant species and we will provide them with locations of plant species of interest to them.

In this way, we hope to preserve the biological diversity of Manitoba's native plant populations and preserve critical areas of habitat.

If you would like to assist us with this project, either financially or as a volunteer, please contact:

Doris Ames
Native Orchid Conservation Inc.
117 Morier Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2M0C8
Tel. 204-947-9707