Prairie Day 2006 - Saturday, August 12th, at Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

Please join us for a fun-filled and educational day in the endangered tall-grass-prairie ecosystem. Start the day with a driving tour and guided hike to learn about the prairie wildflowers and see the effects of fire management. Afternoon activities include building your own bird- or bat-house, birding basics and dissecting owl pellets to reveal their feeding habits. Children's author Joe McLellan will be sharing his stories. Meet Pepper and Nemo, live, long-eared and northern saw-whet owls. Experts will be on hand to answer your questions about prairie mammals big or small, explain how you can create your own patch of prairie, and discuss the amazing diversity of prairie insects. You'll want to stick around for a full-course meal at the Gardenton Museum - including a mix a traditional Ukrainian and wild-edible dishes - and enjoy real-life stories about the local pioneers. A multimedia presentation will take you on a journey in time to experience the changing seasons in the prairie landscape. Once the sun has set, you can take in an astronomy lesson, go owl hooting or view the entomological nightlife under the glow of ultraviolet light. This is just a sample of events and activities, so mark your calendars for August 12th to take a trip on the wild side!

Events will take place at the Agassiz Interpretive Trail, 6.4 km west of Vita on Hwy 201, beginning at 9:30am.

Admission: $5.00 per person or $8.00 per family. (Meals not included.)

A B-B-Q lunch will be available from 11:30am to 1:00pm and a canteen will be open until 4:30pm.

To reserve a meal at the Gardenton Museum or for more information contact the Preserve headquarters at (204) 425-3229 or