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Used Equipment For Sale at our AGM 2009-February
Photography Clinic with Bill Bremner 2009-February
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Our online store offers books, dvds, leather jewellery, memberships; many new items added 2009-March
new items for sale: butterfly, wildflower, and dragonfly brooches
  added 2007-July; revised 2007Oct+2008Jan+2009Feb+Mar; revised 2010-May price adjustment on pins, 10.00-to-12.00, 20.00-to-22.00, new item: Rose Pogonia pin

New Slideshow:  Winnipeg to Inuvik by land   added 2008-Nov29; revised 2009-Mar

New Slideshow:  Sex and Murder in the Bog: Carnivorous Plants and Orchids    added 2009-Feb23; revised 2009-Mar

Photography Clinic with Bill Bremner:  An evening devoted to improving our photography, with emphasis on strong design;  discussion on seeing;  hints and tips on dynamic composition;  pitfalls to avoid...    added 2009-Feb; revised 2009-Mar

We'll have a display at Gardening Saturday on May 9th at the Canadian Mennonite University, 500 Shaftesbury Blvd.  The event presented by Friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory will feature 24 gardening workshops, 55 exhibitor displays, demonstrations by Barkman Concrete and Husqvarna Canada, guest speakers, a Silent Auction with all proceeds going to support educational programming at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory, and a beautiful display of glass garden mosaics by artist Ursula Neufeld.   added 2009-Apr04

Photos from our AGM on 2009-Feb27   added 2009-April

Photos from the MOS Orchid Show 2009-March   added 2009-April

Newsletter 2009-April:  featuring Common Hop (Humulus lupulus) as Plant-of-the-Month   added 2009-Apr27

Join us on a fieldtrip:  May16 Steep Rock;  May23 Bird's Hill Provincial Park;  June13 Mt Nebo;  June20 Woodridge;  June27 Brokenhead Wetlands;  July04 Portage Sandhills Wildlife Management Area.    added 2009-Apr27

Prairie Day - 20th Anniversary:  Join us SATURDAY AUGUST 8th for presentations, activities, and tours from 10am to 4:30pm • Manitoba Bats • Wetland Adventure • Insect Vectors • Caring for Wildlife • Prescribed Fire Equipment • Bug Hunt • Critter Dipping • Face painting • Bannock Bake • Self-guided Driving Tour of the Preserve • and more...   added 2009-June12

New Video:  Manitoba Orchids with Lorne & Joan Heshka.  There are 37 species of orchids growing wild in manitoba.  We learn about Ladyslippers, Frogs, Coralroots, and Hookers!   added 2009-June25

9th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference:  February 25-27, 2010 at Winnipeg Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Register now at and save $50 at the early-bird rate.  Join hundreds of prairie professionals, experts and enthusiasts over three days...  This excellent program is designed to enlighten, stimulate and inspire.  Don't miss it -- register now!    added 2009-Aug06

New Articles on Linnaeus:  two articles by Dr R J Ferry:  Linnaeus, and Some Background on Plant Names describes the naming system devised by Linnaeus in the early 1700's and still in use today;  Linnaeus - The Man (24 May 1707 - 10 January 1778) gives us a glimpse into the English translation of the man's personal diary.   added 2009-Sep19

Newsletter 2009-October:  featuring Stemless Townsendia (Townsendia exscapa) as the plant of the month.   added 2009-Oct07

NOCI Members Night:  Dr Gordon Goldsborough of the University of Manitoba, will present "The potential for rehabilitation of Netley-Libau Marsh, a degraded coastal wetland of Lake Winnipeg".   added 2009-Oct07

Photos from NOCI Members Night 2009-Oct23    added 2009-Nov16

Newsletter 2009-December:  featuring Green-flowered Milkweed (Asclepias viridiflora) as the plant of the month.   added 2009-Dec02

Newsletter 2010-February:  featuring Baneberry (Actaea rubra) as the plant of the month.   added 2010-Jan26

You are invited to our AGM:  Alan Mason will give us a presentation on the Four Corners, USA.  In addition, we will have a raffle, door prizes, and wonderful refreshments!   added 2010-Jan26
Revised List of Candidates   added 2010-Feb04

NOCI's Comments on the Draft Southeast Regional Groundwater Management Plan:  2010-February03: In view of our lack of facts, up-to-date maps of aquifers, recharge rates, etc, we should follow the precautionary principle...   added 2010-Feb03

Photos from 2009 Fieldtrips & Survey-trips    added 2010-Feb04

Photography Clinic 2nd Session with Bill Bremner:  An evening devoted to improving our photography, with emphasis on strong design;  discussion on seeing;  hints and tips on dynamic composition;  pitfalls to avoid...    added 2010-Feb20

Come out and see our display at the MOS orchid show:  2010-March26-28 (Fri-Sun) at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory in Winnipeg.   added 2010-Mar

New Board of Directors and Officers of NOCI    added 2010-Mar06

Photos from our AGM on 2010-Feb19    added 2010-Mar06

Orchids and Orchid People in Manitoba:  Dr R J Ferry an orchidophile from Texas comes to Manitoba...   added 2010-Apr07

Newsletter 2010-April:  featuring White Mountain-Avens (Dryas integrifolia Vahl) as the plant of the month;  2010 Fieldtrip-schedule   added 2010-Apr12

We'll have a display at Gardening Saturday on May 8th at the Canadian Mennonite University, 500 Shaftesbury Blvd.  The event presented by Friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory will feature keynote-speaker Jim Hole on the topic "Fusion Gardening", gardening workshops, exhibitor displays, great food...   added 2010-May06

Brokenhead Boardwalk video from Shaw.Ca:  featuring Richard and Doris discussing the Brokenhead Boardwalk Project;  link to Shaw's webpage (will be short-lived)   added 2010-July02

Native Orchid Tour:  by Shel Zolkewich based on the Travel-Manitoba media-tour "fam-trip" to Belair Provincial Forest;  link to Westjet Up magazine webpage   added 2010-July02

Senkiw Wildflower Festival Poster:  Wildflower tour, pioneer history, historic-church tour.  Fun for the whole family! 
Map showing how to get to Senkiw
added 2010-July15

Homecoming / Arts Festival in East Braintree Saturday July 24, 2010:  arts and crafts, open-mike, music, skits, wildflower-slideshow by Doris, bonfire, fireworks 
added 2010-July23

Prairie Day 2010:  Join us SATURDAY AUGUST 14th for presentations, activities, and tours from 10am to 4:30pm
added 2010-July30

Wildflower Slideshow 2010:  as presented at the Midwinter/McMunn/Glen Homecoming Festival in Braintree on 2010-07-24
added 2010-Aug04

Photos from 2010 Fieldtrips & Survey-trips 
added 2010-Sep11

NOCI Members Night:  Friday October 22nd, 7:30pm, at the Manitoba Lawn Bowling Club;  added 2010-Sep11; speaker etc revised 2010-10-03

Newsletter 2010-October:  featuring Western Spiderwort (Tradescantia occidentalis) as plant of the month
added 2010-10-06