Native Orchid Conservation Inc. is planning to write and publish a book called "Orchids of Manitoba".  We hope to have it published by July 1, 2005.  We are embarking on this project in an effort to educate the general public about Manitoba's 36 orchid species and the need to conserve their habitat.  We know from our field surveys that the orchids and their habitat are rapidly disappearing.  This is a result of a number of factors including resource extraction, agriculture, housing development and digging up of native species.  We need to make people aware of this.  Therefore we want to provide Manitobans who love flowers with descriptions of these plants and the kinds of habitats where they might be found.  We know from our own experience that to know orchids is to love them and this love leads to wanting to protect them.  They are part of the natural legacy of this province and of interest to nature buffs all over the world.

Main features of "Orchids of Manitoba":

For information about Manitoba orchid species see our website at nativeorchid.org.  We have received encouragement from Manitoba Conservation as well as members of the public who keep asking us why there is no book on Manitoba's native orchid species.

At present we are arranging funding for book publication.  We have received $5000.00 from the Shell Environmental Fund for this purpose.

On 2003-July-24, we received $7000.00 from the Special Conservation Fund of the Province of Manitoba toward this project.

On 2003-October-1, the Winnipeg Foundation promised $2,000 to help fund this project.