Orchids of Manitoba: a field guide

by Doris Ames, Peggy BainardAcheson, Lorne Heshka, Bob Joyce, John Neufeld, Richard Reeves, Eugene Reimer, and Ian Ward;
5.5x8.5inches;  158pp;  ISBN: 0973486406

Reviews of this book:

One of the best orchid guides in North America, a blend of excellence, accuracy and quality ... the photographs are exceptional ... a great book!
[Foreword by Paul M Catling, Research Scientist and Curator at Agriculture Canada]

An excellent new guidebook to some of the most unusual plants in the province, including several rare and flamboyant-looking species ...  You don't have to be a plant freak to love a book like this: The photography is strong and the scientific text is packed with interesting factoids.
[Winnipeg Free Press, review by Bartley Kives, 2005-Dec17]

A beautifully crafted 158-page field guide ... Included is such information as the habitat, identification aids and a distribution map for each orchid species which is helpful in searching out the plants.  The photographs are exceptional - some showing flowers in various stages and some depicting insects pollinating the blossoms.
[The Carillon, review by Doris Penner, 2005-Dec15]

The first time all Manitoba orchid species have been covered in a single work ... in a format aimed at the popular audience ...  I really think the seed capsule photos are useful ...  A friend asked "Isn't it exquisite?"  The only answer is a resounding yes.
[MOS-newsletter, COC-JournaL, MNS-Bulletin; review by Robert Parsons; 2005-November]

This little book could suffice as a text for an introductory course [at the undergraduate or graduate level] in the orchids of Manitoba!
[McAllen International Orchid Journal, review by Dr Robert Ferry, 2005-Aug]

This concise book is authored by eight modest - but highly knowledgeable - orchid lovers who let Manitoba's native orchids in all their beauty sell themselves ... I read it cover to cover and recommend it to all orchid lovers.
[The Blazing Star, review by Tom Atkinson, 2005-Fall]

The authors leave no doubt about their fascination with, and concern for, native orchids ...  Range maps and flowering periods will assist novice as well as experienced naturalists in their search for the 36 orchid species found in Manitoba.
[Orchid Digest, review by the editors, 2006-March]

An inspiring book ... should have a place of honor in a collection of orchid books ... The approach is refreshing ...  Everyone concerned with wild orchids in North America should read this book.
[Lafayette Orchid Society Newsletter, review by Viateur Boutot, 2006-April/May]

Deze provincie telt 36 soorten orchidee├źn, die zeer goede foto's in beeld gebracht worden.  Een fijn, zeer goed verzorgd boekje. 
[Orchidee├źn, review by Ton Klaassen, 2007-February]