Being Orchid-Friendly

Orchids, including lady's-slippers, are very sensitive plants that need unique conditions to grow and very specific kinds of habitat.  For this reason they are easily damaged or destroyed and do not transplant well.  Trampling around them and even nitrogen from the remains of your picnic lunch can interefere with their necessary connection to trees and other plants through fungi in the soil.  Many other kinds of rare plants grow alongside them in their specific habitats and need to be protected as well.  We are lucky to have 37 species of native orchids in Manitoba, many of them within an hour's drive of the City of Winnipeg.  But this close proximity to a large city is both a blessing and a curse.  It makes it possible for many people to enjoy their beauty but it also leaves the orchids suceptible to damage from trampling, picking and digging, and from habitat loss due to ditch and roadwork and wetland drainage.  Please do your part to conserve orchids in Manitoba.  Help us save the species you love!

When viewing wildflowers:

When photographing:


Please report any sightings of rare orchids to the Manitoba Conservation Data Centre at 945-7743.  For more information on native orchids and how you might help to promote their conservation, please call Doris at 204-947-9707 or visit our website

Thanks for doing your part to conserve Manitoba's native orchids.