Information on Candidates -- NOCI AGM 2010-Feb

Doris Ames
Doris has been an enthusiastic member of Native Orchid Conservation Inc (NOCI) since 1998 and president since November 2002.  She is also in charge of project management and a large portion of the Brokenhead Wetlands finally received Ecological Reserve Status in 2005 during her tenure.  She has continued to work to protect wetlands and is Vice Chair of Debwendon Inc, a non-profit corporation set up by the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, NOCI, and the Manitoba Model Forest to promote and preserve the Brokenhead Wetland Ecological Reserve.  Most recently she has been working with other members on a project to collect seeds from native orchid species for long-term storage in the National Gene Bank in Saskatoon.  She enjoys educating others about native orchids and their environment, leading field trips, and conducting rare-plant surveys.  Known for her quirky sense of humour, she enjoys spending time with others "out in the bush". 

Dustin Derksen
Dustin recently finished a degree at the U of W in Environmental Studies - Issues In Sustainability.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for CKUW 95.9 FM, a campus and community radio station, where he's also been doing a Blues morning show for three years.  In the summer he enjoys time outside in the wilderness with his camera.  He would like to get involved not only because of his love of orchids but also to make a difference in protecting the rare and special environments where the orchids reside. 

Loretta Humeniuk
Loretta teaches K-8 Physical Education at Laidlaw School near Assiniboine Park.  She has travelled to England and Australia on exchange programs and has travelled extensively during her summer holidays.  She loves photography but admits that she is still learning all about the digital era of cameras and computers.  She believes her old slides are now obsolete so she loves watching great photography and that's what lured her to NOCI.  She joined to see the beautiful pictures. 

Mike James
Mike James was born in Saskatchewan and grew up in The Pas, Manitoba.  He is married and has 3 adult children.  Mike taught high school biology and horticulture at St James Collegiate for 35 years after spending 4 years teaching science at McCauley and Crystal City, Manitoba.  Although retired from full time teaching, he continues to teach Biology and Environmental Sciences over the TV to a number of Hutterite Colony schools once a week.  Mike also operates a nature center for schools and other groups in the boreal forest off Highway 59 just south of Grand Beach, and he also teaches a fossil program at a quarry near Stony Mountain.  He is on the Board of the Manitoba Model Forest (serving as Chair of the Education Committee), on the Advisory Group of the Winnipeg River Learning Center (serving on the Program Committee).  Mike is Past President of the Woodlot Association of Manitoba.  He has been a member of the Native Orchid Conservation group for the past few years and has a strong interest in the Ecological Bog project at Brokenhead. 

Derrick KoHeinrichs
Derrick enjoys wandering around in Manitoba's forests looking for small green orchids.  He is particularly fascinated with northern white-cedar forests and forested wetlands.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Ecology from the University of Manitoba, and recently finished his Master of Science degree in Botany from the University of Manitoba.  His thesis was on the ecology of northern white-cedar forests at their range limit in Manitoba.  Derrick's education and interests have led him to related employment in a private consulting firm, the Forestry Branch of Manitoba Conservation, and currently the Manitoba Conservation Data Centre of the Provincial Government.  Derrick first became involved with NOCI in 2003 through an orchid mapping project for a GIS course.  Derrick also enjoys photography and envies anybody with a DSLR and a prime lens.  He is happily married and has a lovely 2 ½ year old son. 

Eugene Reimer
Eugene grew up on a farm near Giroux, Manitoba.  He is a life-long naturalist, and an avid photographer with a special interest in orchids and insects.  Eugene has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.  He has been a member of our organization since 2000, has served as treasurer and webmaster for many years, and is currently our webmaster.  He did the technical editing on our field guide.  He has served on the Brokenhead Wetland Committee (now Debwendon) since its inception, helped the committee develop plans for the Interpretive Trail and Boardwalk, and he is currently a director of Debwendon Inc.  Those of us who work with Eugene know it's best not to phone him before 3:00pm! 

Changes since the 2010-Feb Nesletter:
Richard Reeves has withdrawn as a candidate for re-election as of 2010-01-28.  Dustin Derksen and Derrick KoHeinrichs have been added.