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P.O. Box 40057 Lagimodiere PO
Winnipeg MB R2C 4P3
Telephone 204-223-8209,
Email NOCIpresident@gmail.com

Board of Directors of Native Orchid Conservation Inc. as of 2015-March 6th:

Peggy BainardAcheson    President
David ToopVice-president
Peter Klassen Treasurer
Rose Kuzina Secretary, Field trip co-ordinator
Heather Miltenburg Membership-chair
Mike James Director
Denny Smith Director
Donna Krawetz Director
Vacancy Director

Native Orchid Conservation Inc is a non-profit organization, founded in April of 1998, whose purpose is to protect unique mini-ecosystems and their plant communities.  This primarily involves native orchids but can also extend to other rare and/or endangered plants.

Native Orchid Conservation Inc has six main objectives:
1.  to identify areas containing rare native plant species;
2.  to work alone and with other conservation bodies, governments, and private corporations to conserve native plant species and their habitat in Manitoba and throughout Canada;
3.  to perform research and field studies and to preserve data on, and specimens of, native plants;
4.  to foster an awareness and appreciation of rare native plant species through education and display;
5.  to provide an association and a voice for those interested in the conservation of native plants and the natural environment;
6.  to provide fieldtrips and opportunities for study for students and others interested in learning more about our native plant species.

A brief history of accomplishments:
1998-April: Founded by Bud Ewacha, Rosewitha Nowak, Henry Kotyk, and others;
1999-April: Certificate of Recognition by Premier Filmon on behalf of the Manitoba Roundtable for Sustainable Development, for valuable contribution towards sustainable development;
2005-June: Declaration of Brokenhead Ecological Reserve (563 ha of wetland);
2005-July: Publication of field guide Orchids of Manitoba;
2005-August: Produced educational video Zoom in on Native Orchids;
2006-April: Winner, Premier Doer's Volunteer Service Award in the Community category for working to protect Manitoba's native orchid species and their habitat;
2007-June: Winner (Silver) Canadian Environment Awards, in the Conservation category for efforts to protect the Brokenhead Wetlands;
2007-December:  Co-produced educational video EKO on Brokenhead Wetlands;
2008-February:  Celebrated our 10th anniversary.
2011-October:  Manitoba government announced $1M for construction of Brokenhead Trail. Eugene Reimer Environmental Fund of $600K donated for maintenance.
2012-June:  Manitoba government doubled size of Brokenhead Wetlands Ecological Reserve to 1240 ha.
2014-January:  Launch of "Native Orchids of Manitoba" Android Orchid Application (App) "Lite", free version.

Our printable membership brochure provides a summary of this page illustrated with photographs.


Every voting member of Native Orchid Conservation Inc will receive a quarterly newsletter.  All members will also have the opportunity to go on fieldtrips, to see orchids and other rare plants and to photograph and study them. 

Members will have the satisfaction of knowing that their membership dues and donations will help us to carry on our projects to protect sensitive plants and their habitat.

The yearly membership fee is $15.00 for an Individual, FREE for a non-voting Junior (under-18), and $40.00 for a Group membership.  A Group Membership is for organizations. For the benefits of Group Membership please call Heather at 204-782-220 or email NOCI Membership Chair. For more information on memberships, see our Constitution and Bylaws.

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For donations, you can choose between General Funds or the Brokenhead Boardwalk Project.  Money designated for the Brokenhead Boardwalk will be maintained in a separate account and used only for that purpose.  (Now that Debwendon has Charity-status you can also make such donations directly to Debwendon.) 

If your donation is "in Memory of" or "in Honour of" and you'd like a card to be mailed, please tell us about it in the Instructions box.  If you prefer not to be thanked in any public way, please indicate that in the Instructions box. 

We will issue an annual tax-receipt for donations of $10.00 or more.  We are a non-profit conservation organization and we are a registered charity;  our tax-number is  86816 7198 RR0001.

  Note that we are an eligible recipient under the 1% For Orchid Conservation initiative.  If your company or society has made the commitment to donate 1% of net revenue toward orchid-conservation then please consider donating that amount to us.

For further information about memberships, renewals, or donations, please contact our Membership Chair, Heather Miltenburg,  204-782-2620  or send an email.

Electronic Newsletters:

About 12 times per year we send out an e-mail notification when a newsletter, report, or other document, is published on this website, with a link to it.  Members in good standing are automatically on this e-list, if they provide an email-address.  Non-members can also sign up and receive these emailings, but only for a trial-period, the duration of which is unspecified, and is subject to change without notice.

If you wish to receive such email notifications, send an empty email to Elist-Join.
To stop receiving such notifications, send an empty email to Elist-Dropout.

If you wish to save trees and postage by giving up your paper newsletters, first please ensure that you are receiving the electronic notifications, then send an email to Discontinue-Paper-Newsletter.

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