Insects (and Spiders) Observed on Orchids

Unidentified beetle on small round-leaved orchid

Crab spider on small round-leaved orchid

Unidentified fly on Calypso

Unidentified "insect" inside lady's-slipper-hybrid

Mosquito on and near sparrow-egg lady's-slipper

Climbing-cutworm (larva of Noctuid moth) in showy lady's-slipper

Fishfly on showy lady's-slipper

Syrphid fly on showy lady's-slipper

Cutworm on Platanthera huronensis
Ian Carter

Unidentified insect on Platanthera huronensis

Crab spider on rose pogonia

Checkered beetle on rose pogonia

Stinkbug on Spiranthes romanzoffiana