Winnipeg to Inuvik Return by land -- 2008-June23 to July17

by Eugene Reimer, Doris Ames, and Peggy BainardAcheson

In the summer of 2008, Native Orchid Conservation members Peggy BainardAcheson, Eugene Reimer, and Doris Ames drove from Winnipeg Manitoba to Inuvik NWT, and back, a distance of 11,000km, in a Chevy Cavalier.  We decided to make this trip for a number of reasons, the first being that we all love the north.  We had previously travelled to the Churchill area and now wanted to see and explore some of the western Arctic.  Secondly, the western Arctic is changing rapidly due to melting permafrost as a result of climate change, increased tourism, and the resumption of oil and gas extraction.  If the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline goes ahead as planned this highly unusual area along with the lives of the plants and animals and native people will be changed forever and we wanted to see it before this happened. 

Our trip coincided with the 50th anniversary of the town of Inuvik.  Also, 2008 was the 4th International Polar Year (IPY), as well as being the 50th anniversary of the 3rd IPY, the 75th anniversary of the 2nd IPY, and the 125th anniversary of the first IPY.  We had a special interest in rare plant species including native orchids and we planned our trip so as to catch as many as possible in bloom.  We did find native orchids in every province and territory we drove through. 

We started to plan the trip a year ahead, because Doris is so inclined.  Reservations for lodging etc need to be made well ahead (the summer is short so most people visit in June and July), but they needn't be made that far ahead.  It is important to plan your route, and to figure out what gear to take.  Much helpful information is available from the tourist bureaus of BC, Yukon, and Northwest Territories; their maps and brochures will allow you to plan your trip so as to see the features you are interested in. 

The flowers, the animals, the scenery, the geology, and the friendly and eccentric residents were fascinating.  Between the three of us we took over 2,000 digital photographs, only a small fraction of which are included in this slide-show.  The roads were either excellent or sheer Hell!  When the infamous Dempster Highway washed out and stranded us in Inuvik for a few days we chartered a plane and flew over the MacKenzie delta to Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea.  We enjoyed our trip immensely and had many adventures.  We would recommend this trip to anyone from 8 to 80 in reasonably good health and with a sense of adventure. 

InuvikTrip-MAP-ABCD  Map showing the route we took.  We'll show the slides from A-to-B, then from C-to-D.  Further details appear in the trip summary at the end.

ER12712 (2008-06-24-14:38)  Elevator at Kenaston SK -- privately owned elevator belonging to Guy family.  Kenaston bills itself as "the blizzard capital of Saskatchewan" and has a snowman mascot.

ER12733 (2008-06-24-21:43)  Pysanka at Vegreville AB -- world's biggest easter egg weighing 5000lbs

ER14322 (2008-07-16-13:02)  sign at Wagner Bog near Edmonton -- 300 acres, 16 orchid species

ER14342 (2008-07-16-13:53)  Boardwalks at Wagner Bog near Edmonton

PB07577 (2008-07-16-14:15)  Northern pearly eye butterfly at Wagner Bog near Edmonton

ER12752 (2008-06-25-11:37)  Orange Hawkweed (Hieracium auranticium) at Hwy43 near RngRd33 AB -- a beautiful flower considered a noxious weed by some

ER14320 (2008-07-16-11:45)  Fallen-Four Memorial at Mayerthorpe AB -- 4 RCMP policemen were killed near here on March 3, 2005 (you may have heard about it)

ER12768 (2008-06-25-15:23)  Paintbrush (Castilleja spp) at Hwy43 near FoxCreek AB

PB07532 (2008-07-15-19:23)  Tall delphinium (Delphinium glaucum) at SaskatoonMountain SE of Beaverlodge AB

PB07537 (2008-07-15-19:27)  view from Saskatoon Mountain SE of Beaverlodge AB

PB07510 (2008-07-13-20:14)  Beaverlodge beaver and Doris+Eugene at Beaverlodge AB -- town named for Beaver Indian tribe

PB07518 (2008-07-15-15:21)  Having tea at Beaverlodge Cultural Centre at Beaverlodge.  We had car trouble at Beaverlodge on the way home and spent three days exploring this area while waiting for our car to be repaired.

ER12801 (2008-06-26-13:14)  Mile-Zero Marker at DawsonCreek BC -- start of Alaska Hwy, built in 1942 by the US military to prevent an attack on Alaska by the Japanese; it goes from Dawson Creek BC to Fairbanks Alaska a distance of 1520 miles and was completed in six months.

PB07492 (2008-07-12-19:26)  Dawson Creek Visitor Centre at DawsonCreek BC

ER12844 (2008-06-27-14:00)  Arctic Lupine (Lupinus arcticus) on AlaskaHwy near TetsaRiver BC -- this beautiful member of the Pea family has deadly poisonous seeds

ER12853 (2008-06-27-14:57)  Yellow dryas (Dryas drummondii) on AlaskaHwy NW of TetsaRiver BC -- a member of the Rose family, dryas flowers are followed by a seed with long plumes something like our Crocus

ER12864 (2008-06-27-15:29)  mountain-goat and kid at StoneMountainProvincialPark BC

ER12879 (2008-06-27-16:39)  River Beauty or Broad-leaved fireweed (Epilobium latifolium) at ToadRiverProvincialPark BC; this plant is not only beautiful but also can be used as food and as medicine; the Gwich'in eat the raw flowers in salad and the boiled leaves as vegetables; the boiled plant can used as a soothing poultice on burns or bee stings and can soothe the pain of arthritis.

DA00923 (2008-07-11-21:44)  Caribou on AlaskaHwy SE of MunchoLake BC

DA00928 (2008-07-11-21:57)  StoneSheep on AlaskaHwy SE of MunchoLake BC

DA00908 (2008-07-11-20:19)  Moonwort fern (Botrychium lunaria) on hillside SE of MunchoLake BC

DA00894 (2008-07-11-19:27)  MunchoLake BC -- BC modestly calls it "the most beautiful montane lake in the world"

DA00249 (2008-06-27-19:16)  sign at LairdHotspringsProvincialPark BC -- second largest hot springs in Canada; water 128°F summer and winter; 14 species of orchids and other rare plants and animals including Mew gull and Lake Chub that live in the hot water.

ER12922 (2008-06-27-19:48)  Northern green bog-orchid (Platanthera aqilonis) at LairdHotsprings

ER12938 (2008-06-27-20:12)  Small round-leaved orchid (Amerorchis rotundifolia) at LairdHotsprings

ER12948 (2008-06-27-20:45)  Tall green bog-orchid (Platanthera huronensis) at LairdHotsprings

ER14049 (2008-07-11-16:45)  Hooded Ladies-tresses (Spiranthes romanzoffiana) at LairdHotsprings BC

PB07455 (2008-07-11-17:18)  Doris bathing in hot-springs alpha-pool at LairdHotsprings BC

DA00884 (2008-07-11-16:33)  Long-leaved sundew (Drosera longifolia) at LairdHotsprings BC -- rare plant

DA00276 (2008-06-27-21:40)  bison and calf on AlaskaHwy NW of LairdHotsprings BC -- this part of the northern Rockies is known as "the Serengeti of the North" because of all the big animals

ER12983 (2008-06-27-22:14)  brown bear (form of black bear) on AlaskaHwy NW of LairdHotsprings

ER14009 (2008-07-11-15:00)  Bison on AlaskaHwy approx 100km SE of WatsonLake YT

ER12993 (2008-06-28-11:39)  SignPost Forest at WatsonLake YT -- In 1942 a homesick soldier put up a sign to remind him of the way home and it grew from there

DA00288 (2008-06-28-13:11)  Yellow oxytrope or locoweed (Oxytropis campestris) on AlaskaHwy NW of WatsonLake YT; this plant is very poisonous to livestock but we saw a grizzly bear eating these flowers quite happily.  She did act silly afterwards, sitting down near us and scratching herself all over.

ER13019 (2008-06-28-14:28)  Moose on AlaskaHwy 70km S of Teslin YT

ER13045 (2008-06-28-15:29)  Showy Jacob's-ladder (Polemonium pulcherrimum) flowers on AlaskaHwy 70km S of Teslin YT

ER13046 (2008-06-28-15:38)  Longest bridge on Alaska Hwy at Teslin YT -- Teslin lake is 78 miles long

DA00844 (2008-07-10-20:42)  Tlingit Frog Totem at Teslin YT

DA00847 (2008-07-10-20:59)  DawsonPeaks at Teslin -- named after George Dawson surveyor

PB07318 (2008-07-10-17:07)  sign at Carcross Desert near Carcross YT -- this so-called "desert" is actually a series of sand dunes formed during Pleistocene times and sustained by sand blowing in from nearby Lake Bennett; it is only one mile square at present and deperately needs some form of legal protection.  People with ATVs and dirt bikes are driving all over it.

ER13936 (2008-07-10-17:10)  Yukon Lupin (Lupinus kuschei) at Carcross Desert -- this rare lupine is more common here than any other place in the world

ER13940 (2008-07-10-17:13)  Baikal Sedge (Carex sabulosa ssp Leiophylla) at Carcross Desert -- this rare plant is also found on the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia, and is named for that location

ER13939 (2008-07-10-17:13)  Baikal Sedge (Carex sabulosa ssp Leiophylla) closeup at Carcross Desert

ER13959 (2008-07-10-17:45)  Doris at Carcross Desert

ER13960 (2008-07-10-17:55)  downtown Carcross YT -- Nearby Bennett Lake was the site of boatbuilding during the Klondike Gold Rush.  An old boat from that era was found there September 2008.

ER13963 (2008-07-10-17:57)  ButtonBlanket at Carcross YT -- Tlingit, Tagish and other NW coastal tribes made these blankets to display their tribal societies.  This one represents the Crow society.

ER13082 (2008-06-29-16:15)  Beringia Centre at Whitehorse YT -- interprets the vast area that remained unglaciated during last ice age that spanned Siberia, Alaska, and the northern Yukon -- from the Kolyma River in Siberia to the MacKenzie Mountains in the Yukon

PB07066 (2008-07-07-13:47)  Prehistoric Scimitar cat at Beringia Centre in Whitehorse

DA00325 (2008-06-29-15:54)  Eugen and Prehistoric Siberian Antelope at Beringia Centre in Whitehorse YT -- note the similarity between the species:-)

DA00319 (2008-06-29-15:24)  Eugen and Mammoth at Beringia Centre in Whitehorse YT -- tusks still lying around; carvers in Tuk make jewelery and ulus out of the ivory.

ER13083 (2008-06-29-17:07)  Gorman's penstemon (Penstemon gormanii) -- a member of the Figwort family at Beringia Centre in Whitehorse YT

ER13662 (2008-07-07-13:51)  Transportation Museum in Whitehorse -- Whitehorse was named for the foamy rapids on the Yukon River that looked like the mane of a white horse

ER13657 (2008-07-07-13:24)  SS Klondike in Whitehorse -- sternwheeler built 1929 plied the Yukon River between Whitehorse and Dawson City

DA00781 (2008-07-10-14:55)  Miles Canyon near Whitehorse YT

ER13928 (2008-07-10-15:21)  Spear-leaved Stonecrop (Sedum lanceolatum) at Miles Canyon Overlook near Whitehorse YT

DA00703 (2008-07-07-16:42)  sign at HainesJunction YT -- gateway to Kluane National Park, 8,487 sq-miles

ER13863 (2008-07-09-20:26)  Sparrow-egg ladyslipper (Cypripedium passerinum) plant with flower+pod at PineLakeCampground SE of HainesJunction -- in Kluane National Park YT

ER13866 (2008-07-09-20:28)  Blunt-leaf orchid (Platanthera obtusata) at PineLakeCampground SE of HainesJunction YT

PB07281 (2008-07-09-20:59)  Marl Lake at PineLakeCampground SE of HainesJunction YT -- note the old beach ridge up the side of the mountain

PB07264 (2008-07-09-18:32)  Kluane sign at SheepMountainVisitorCentre SE of BeaverCreek YT

PB07145 (2008-07-07-19:20)  Kluane Lake near HainesJunction YT

PB07161 (2008-07-07-21:51)  Mountains at AlaskaHwy NW of HainesJunction YT

PB07165 (2008-07-07-22:11)  Female grizzly eating Locoweed at AlaskaHwy NW of HainesJunction YT

ER13737 (2008-07-07-22:10)  Grizzly Bear scratching herself at AlaskaHwy NW of HainesJunction YT

DA00721 (2008-07-08-17:45)  BaldEagle at dump-road NW of BeaverCreek YT -- Beaver Creek is the most westerly town in Canada

DA00719 (2008-07-08-17:45)  Large Bald Eagle chick at dump-road NW of BeaverCreek YT

PB07195 (2008-07-08-18:11)  Drunken trees at AlaskaHwy NW of BeaverCreek YT -- leaning trees are caused by thawing of permafrost

PB07208 (2008-07-08-19:50)  Swallowtail Butterfly at AlaskaHwy NW of BeaverCreek YT

PB07198 (2008-07-08-18:31)  Welcome-To-Alaska sign at Yukon-Alaska-border

DA00342 (2008-06-29-18:49)  Lake Laberge at LakeLaberge YT - lake made famous by Robert Service's poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee"

DA00341 (2008-06-29-18:45)  Eugene+Doris at LakeLaberge YT

ER13114 (2008-06-29-19:54)  Showy locoweed (Oxytrope splendens) at LakeLaberge YT

PB07037 (2008-07-06-21:51)  Leaf miner in aspen at GravelLake at km622 of KlondikeHwy

PB06982 (2008-07-06-17:04)  Jack London cabin (green roof) in DawsonCity YT -- an American writer who wrote "Call of the Wild", he lived there for 2 years

ER13591 (2008-07-06-17:22)  Peg+Doris at Pierre Berton House in DawsonCity - Canadian author Berton was born and raised in Dawson City

ER13595 (2008-07-06-17:27)  Robert Service cabin in DawsonCity -- he lived there for 3 years working as bank clerk at Bank of British North America and wrote many poems about the gold miners

PB06997 (2008-07-06-17:34)  Robert Service cabin interior

PB07003 (2008-07-06-18:06)  Bank of British North America where Robert Service worked in DawsonCity

PB07002 (2008-07-06-18:06)  Downtown Hotel home of the world-famous sour-toe cocktail in DawsonCity

DA00672 (2008-07-06-18:15)  Mummified Human-Toe for the world-famous sour-toe cocktail in DawsonCity

ER13140 (2008-06-30-02:14)  Gertie's dancers at DawsonCity -- saloon named for "Diamond Tooth Gertie" who had a diamond wedged between her front teeth in order to compete with the other prostitutes for business and was very successful and so was her dance hall

ER13616 (2008-07-06-19:54)  Nbr-4 dredge at DawsonCity -- biggest gold dredge in North America; situated on shores of Bonanza Creek

ER13618 (2008-07-06-20:05)  Peg and Bucket from Nbr-4 dredge at DawsonCity -- 700,000 year old ice wedges were found still frozen in the permafrost this summer near Dawson City

ER13145 (2008-06-30-13:01)  sign Jct Hwy-2 and Hwy-5 -- the infamous Dempster Hwy starts here -- 450-miles of gravel road built on top of a gravel base 1 to 4 metres thick over the permafrost, has lots of rocks and washouts and runs between Dawson City and Inuvik.  Started 1958, completed 1979.

DA00369 (2008-06-30-14:02)  Northern Comandra (Comandra pallida) near start of Dempster Hwy

ER13161 (2008-06-30-15:43)  Dempster Interpretive Ctr at DempsterHwyInterpretiveCentre

DA00397 (2008-06-30-15:58)  Dempster Interp Ctr at DempsterHwyInterpretiveCentre

DA00402 (2008-06-30-16:11)  Mountains at North Fork Pass

ER13179 (2008-06-30-16:17)  North Fork Pass glacier -- Continental divide between Pacific and Arctic Oceans; at 4229-ft, the highest point on Dempster; now entering the Beringia unglaciated area; this area served as an ice-age refugium for tundra plants that could survive the windswept conditons; many of these rare plants still live there; the Bering Land Bridge allowed human migration from eastern Siberia to the Americas about 24,000 years ago (12,000 according to some sources) following the herds of mammoth and bison.  Many other plant and animal species came along that route as well during the various Ice Ages.

ER13181 (2008-06-30-16:21)  Two-flowered cinquefoil (Potentilla biflora) at NorthForkPass

DA00405 (2008-06-30-16:23)  Roseroot (Rhodiola integrifolia) at NorthForkPass.  Roseroot or Stonecrop, also known as Rhodiola rosea, Sedum alaskanum, Sedum integrifolium, Sedum rosea, Tolmachevia integrifolia, has been used by herbalists for 3000 years but is just now set to become the new herbal superstar.  It is believed to have the ability to improve mental and physical performance under stress.

DA00412 (2008-06-30-16:31)  North Fork Pass on the Dempster

DA00428 (2008-06-30-17:21)  Tundra Steppe at Windy Pass on the Dempster

ER13243 (2008-06-30-18:22)  Hairy Scorpionweed (Phacelia mollis) at side road to old communications installation belonging to an oil company

ER13250 (2008-06-30-19:40)  pairs of trees grow together to combat wind and cold along the Dempster -- rather than adopting the krummholz forms seen at Churchill MB

DA00458 (2008-06-30-20:28)  Elephant Head (Pedicularis groenlandica) along the Dempster

DA00463 (2008-06-30-20:49)  Engineer Creek on the Dempster -- red color due to dissolved minerals

ER13273 (2008-06-30-20:52)  folding mountain alongside the Dempster -- an example of the spectacular geology in the Yukon

ER13279 (2008-07-01-00:01)  sign at EaglePlains YT

ER13281 (2008-07-01-14:01)  Airstrip shares the Dempster near EaglePlains YT

ER13283 (2008-07-01-14:02)  Alaska spirea (Spirea beauverdiana) near EaglePlains YT

DA00645 (2008-07-05-23:58)  Short-eared Owl at S of arctic-circle

PB06962 (2008-07-05-23:28)  Arctic Circle with Doris+Peggy+Eugene on the Dempster

PB06964 (2008-07-05-23:29)  Arctic Circle scene on the Dempster

DA00491 (2008-07-01-15:06)  Eugene at Richardson Mountains

DA00492 (2008-07-01-15:58)  Alaskan Phlox (Phlox alaskensis) at Richardson Mountains

ER13322 (2008-07-01-17:05)  Ptarmigan at Richardson Mountains

DA00615 (2008-07-05-21:03)  MeadowBistort (Polygonum bistorta) at Richardson Mountains 120km North of EaglePlains YT

PB06911 (2008-07-05-21:11)  Mountain meadow along Dempster at Richardson Mountains

DA00624 (2008-07-05-21:12)  ElegantPaintbrush (Castilleja elegans) at Richardson Mountains

DA00628 (2008-07-05-21:17)  Tall monkshood (Aconitum delphiniifolium) at Richardson Mountains

PB06924 (2008-07-05-21:35)  Mountain pass on Dempster at Richardson Mountains -- entering land now scarred by Laurentide Glacier 10,000 years ago

ER13569 (2008-07-05-17:36)  Peel River Ferry at PeelRiver-ferry -- Ferries run June to October

ER13566 (2008-07-05-17:21)  Northern Twayblade (Listera borealis) at FortMacpherson NT

ER13332 (2008-07-01-18:38)  McKenzie River Ferry crossing at the little community of Tsiigehtchic on the Dempster -- the Mackenzie River is 1600 miles long from Great Slave Lake to the Beaufort Sea

ER13552 (2008-07-05-14:18)  Great Grey Owl near FrogCreek NT

DA00604 (2008-07-05-14:52)  Red Fox kit near FrogCreek

ER13339 (2008-07-01-20:46)  Grey Comma Butterfly at North of MackenzieRiver-ferry

ER13340 (2008-07-01-21:20)  sign at Inuvik NT -- located on the east channel of the Mackenzie River and known to early surveyors 1953 as East Three

PB06610 (2008-07-01-12:24)  Canada Day parade at Inuvik

PB06529 (2008-06-29-16:31)  Inuvik Community Garden at Inuvik -- built 1998 most northern greenhouse in North America

PB06585 (2008-06-30-18:07)  Front of Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre at Inuvik

PB06597 (2008-06-30-19:29)  Utilidors at Inuvik -- built to hold utility pipes for sewer and water because of permafrost.  Houses built on piles that extend down through the permafrost into the bedrock

ER13355 (2008-07-02-21:10)  Igloo Church side-view at Inuvik -- Our Lady of Victory Church built 1958 on a gravel pad to keep it stable and it has not moved

DA00512 (2008-07-02-21:46)  Sister Mary Joseph at Inuvik

PB06653 (2008-07-02-21:50)  Doris+Sister in church at Inuvik

PB06645 (2008-07-02-21:37)  Eugene at top of Igloo Church at Inuvik

ER13362 (2008-07-02-21:37)  Peggy at top of Igloo Church at Inuvik

DA00520 (2008-07-02-22:59)  Wild rose at Inuvik

ER13498 (2008-07-04-21:49)  Ground cone (Boschniakia rossica) at Inuvik -- on part of Trans Canada Tail

ER13517 (2008-07-04-22:13)  Blue Butterfly at Inuvik

ER13422 (2008-07-04-14:55)  Cessna-207 and Gavin our pilot for our flight from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk (Tuk), over the MacKenzie Delta which covers 5000 sq-miles

PB06804 (2008-07-04-16:38)  Inuvik from the air

ER13431 (2008-07-04-15:21)  polygons on flight to Tuk

PB06747 (2008-07-04-15:55)  Collapsed pingo and polygons on flight to Tuk -- look for "thermokarst" for more info

ER13453 (2008-07-04-15:57)  Mackenzie delta lakes on flight to Tuk

PB06784 (2008-07-04-16:19)  SRR Dew Line station built 1955 on tundra on flight to Tuk (SRR = Short Range Radar)

PB06755 (2008-07-04-15:58)  Whaling/fishing/exploration camp on Mackenzie Delta near Beaufort Sea on flight to Tuk

PB06729 (2008-07-04-15:51)  Tuk from the air; Tuk has a population of 950 people

PB06740 (2008-07-04-15:53)  Old whaling station now surrounded by water near Tuk

PB06737 (2008-07-04-15:52)  Pingo near Tuk

PB06739 (2008-07-04-15:53)  IBYUK Pingo with Tuk in background -- tallest pingo in Canada, 160 feet tall, over 1000 years old and still growing.  Ice-cored pingos grow when the water at the bottom of a deep lake doesn't freeze in winter and the surrounding permafrost eventually melts and the water drains out into the sand.  The water refreezes when it comes near the deeper frozen permafrost and expands upward forming a dome (something like a frost boil in the road).  It takes 100's of years to fully freeze, the top splits open and then it stops.  Exposed to the sun, the ice core melts, the walls collapse and all that remains is a doughnut-shaped ring of tundra surrounding a small round lake.

DA00992 (2008-07-17-19:53)  Rainbow near Neepawa MB -- Back in Manitoba

Summary -- Itinerary and Petrol-Price Info

Itinerary  (4907 + 5976 = 10,883km)

MonJune23 TCH Winnipeg to Indian Head SK
TueJune24 TCH Indian Head to Regina; Hwy-11 to Saskatoon; Hwy-16 to Edmonton AB
WedJune25 Hwy AB43/BC2 Edmonton to Grande Prairie AB to Dawson Creek BC
ThuJune26 AlaskaHwy(Hwy-BC97) Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson BC
FriJune27 AlaskaHwy(Hwy-BC97/YT1) Fort Nelson to Watson Lake YT
SatJune28 AlaskaHwy(Hwy-1) Watson Lake to Teslin to Whitehorse YT
SunJune29 KlondikeHwy(Hwy-2) Whitehorse to Carmacks to Pelly Crossing to Dawson City YT
MonJune30 DempsterHwy(Hwy-5) Dawson City to Eagle Plains YT
TueJuly01 DempsterHwy(Hwy-YT5/NT8) EaglePlains to ArcticCircle to FortMcPherson NT (PeelRiver ferry) to Tsiigehtchic (McKenzieRiver ferry) to Inuvik NT
WedJuly02 in Inuvik
ThuJuly03 in Inuvik (awaiting Dempster reopening - washout-repair)
FriJuly04 in Inuvik (awaiting Dempster reopening - washout-repair)
SatJuly05 DempsterHwy Inuvik to Tsiigehtchic to FortMcPherson to Eagle Plains to Dawson City YT (2 days in plan)
SunJuly06 KlondikeHwy Dawson City to Whitehorse YT
SunJuly07 AlaskaHwy Whitehorse to Beaver Creek YT
TueJuly08 in Beaver Creek (sidetrip to Fairbanks AK was omitted, to get back on schedule)
WedJuly09 AlaskaHwy Beaver Creek to Whitehorse YT (back on schedule)
ThuJuly10 AlaskaHwy Whitehorse to Carcross (via Hwy-8) to Watson Lake YT (back on schedule)
FriJuly11 AlaskaHwy Watson Lake to Fort Nelson BC (back on schedule)
SatJuly12 AlaskaHwy Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek BC (back on schedule)
SunJuly13 Hwy-BC2/AB43 Dawson Creek to Beaverlodge AB (most of day in Beaverlodge awaiting car repairs; car broke at noon)
MonJuly14 in Beaverlodge (awaiting car repairs)
TueJuly15 Hwy-43 Beaverlodge to Whitecourt AB (most of day in Beaverlodge awaiting car repairs; car ready at 6pm)
WedJuly16 Hwy-43+16 Whitecourt to Edmonton AB to Saskatoon SK (side-trip to Lac la Biche AB was omitted)
ThuJuly17 Hwy-16 Saskatoon to Winnipeg MB

note: we encountered two delays of 2.5-days each, however by driving longer days and eliminating 1000km of sidetrips, we ended only one day late. 

Petrol-Price Info

Date Odometer Where Price Litres Dollarskms km/l Notes
June23 40340 Winnipeg MB n/a n/a 0.000 0.00 000 n/a tank full, jerrycan empty
June23 40767 Broadview SK Coop 1.399 33.595 47.00 427 12.710  
June24 41416 Maidstone SK Mohawk 1.368 45.300 62.00 649 14.326  
June25 41904 Whitecourt AB Shell 1.349 33.955 45.81 488 14.371  
June25 42185 GrandePrairie ABPetroCan 1.379 21.214 28.51 281 13.245  
June26 42413 FortStJohn BC PetroCan 1.394 16.862 23.51 228 13.521 missing odometer-reading was estimated
June27 42800 FortNelson BC n/a 1.499 28.539 42.78 387 13.560 the receipt went missing, but we had notes
June27 43313 WatsonLake YT CampgroundSvc 1.529 38.620 59.05 513 13.283  
June29 43795 Whitehorse YT FasGas 1.449 47.430 68.73 482 14.862 15-litres went into jerrycan
June30 44364 DawsonCity YT BonanzaKlondike 1.681 37.200 62.55 569 15.295  
July01 44780 EaglePlains YT EaglePlainsSvc 1.780 33.710 60.00 416 12.340  
July03 45247 Inuvik NT Esso 1.690 40.007 67.61 467 11.672 some "city" driving
July06 46074 DawsonCity YT BonanzaKlondike 1.679 47.660 80.00 827 13.198 used 15-litres from jerrycan enroute
July06 46466 Carmacks YT Sunrise 1.589 48.390 76.90 392 13.808 20-litres went into jerrycan
July07 46811 HainesJct YT Shell 1.599 25.654 41.02 345 13.448 attendant wanted to charge $4.12 due to a typo but we insisted on paying more
July09 47233 BeaverCreek YT FasGas 1.609 30.020 48.30 422 14.057  
July10 47703 Whitehorse YT FasGas 1.479 35.030 51.81 470 13.417  
July11 48265 WatsonLake YT PetroCan 1.529 34.420 52.64 562 16.327  
July12 48791 FortNelson BC Esso 1.539 37.687 58.00 526 13.957  
July13 49257 DawsonCreek BC ExtraFoods 1.437 32.752 47.06 466 14.228  
July16 49701 Whitecourt AB PetroCan 1.349 31.137 42.00 444 14.259  
July16 50143 Lloydminster AB Shell 1.329 30.016 39.89 442 14.725 missing odometer-reading was estimated
July17 50570 Dafoe SK TR-Petroleum 1.389 29.030 40.32 427 14.708  
July17 51223 Winnipeg MB Coop 1.344 25.300 34.00 653 14.415 used 20-litres from jerrycan, to end with tank full, jerrycan empty
TOTAL       783.5281179.4910883    

The average cost of petrol was $1.505 per litre, which is 12% higher than the "within civilization" price at this time.  In general, the price goes up as one goes north, however the steepest price is encountered in EaglePlains YT, at a petrol-vendor that happens to be the only one on a long lonely unpopulated stretch of road near the arctic-circle. 

Eugene's Cavalier averaged 13.9 km/litre (39.2 mpg) or 7.20 litres/100km, which is 20% worse than its "highway" rating of 6.0 litres/100km (or 16.7 km/litre, 47.1 mpg).  (Its "city" rating is 10.6 km/litre.)  Most days we did way too much stopping, to photograph animals, birds, plants, etc, for optimal fuel-efficiency;  however, on the night of July05 when the Eagle-Plains Service-Station was closed by the time we got there, then we made every effort to drive for economy from there to Dawson-City:-)  Unfortunately our efforts don't show, presumably because the first part of that tank was used in "city" driving in and around Inuvik.  Note: the Litres and Dollars columns show the amount purchased; the km-per-litre column takes into- and from-jerrycan transfers into account.